17 Things We're Hoping For in the Timeless Finale Movie

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Goodbyes are hard, but sometimes, you're lucky enough to get some closure. 

In this case, NBC gifted Timeless fans with closure for the holiday season. 

Following the outrage from dedicated fans, the network greenlit a two-hour series finale movie that will air on December, 20. 

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This is technically the second time NBC "saved" the series, but as we reach the homestretch, we're wondering if the time-traveling squad will reverse the damage done on the Timeless Season 2 cliffhanger and save their beloved friend, Rufus. 

Here's what we're hoping the finale movie addresses before we permanently send Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt off in the time machine! 

1. Rufus' Rescue

Rufus' Rescue
We left off on a major cliffhanger: Rufus died, and future Wyatt and Lucy emerged from the time machine to help the present-day squad save their friend. Rufus' rescue mission will surely be the focus of the film because we need our dynamic trio reunited before the hour is up.

2. Fun with the Dopplegangers

Fun with the Dopplegangers
The addition of future Lucy and Wyatt opens up a lot of possibilities. For one, they know what happens in the future which means they will be very insightful when it comes to providing answers to some of our other lingering questions. Plus, it'll be entertaining to see both sets of characters interact with one another and see how they've grown as heroes. Future Lucy does look pretty badass!

3. Two Places at Once?

Two Places at Once?
Throughout the two seasons, all of the time traveling was done to time periods where Lucy, Flynn, Wyatt and Rufus didn't already exist. So how were future Lucy and Wyatt able to travel to a time period where they not only existed, but they were able to confront their past selves? Were they able to find a glitch in the future? Did they invent a new time machine with advanced capabilities? How would this not cause some kind of time warp? Answers, please.

4. The Mystery of the Journal

The Mystery of the Journal
Again, traveling back to a time where you exist used to be frowned up, but since it is now a possibility, does that mean future Lucy was the one who traveled back in time to give Flynn the journal? Why was the journal so important in the first place? Why did she give it to Flynn of all people? And did future Wyatt know about it?

5. Wyatt or Flynn?

Wyatt or Flynn?
It's no secret that both these men harbor deep feelings for Lucy. Can you blame them? She's lovely. The love triangle must have resolved in the future, so we need to know if Lucy picked Flynn or Wyatt. Both have their pros and cons: Lucy and Wyatt have more chemistry, but their love story was cut short by Jessica's resurrection. On the other hand, Flynn understands Lucy on an emotional level, but his motivations have always been to bring back his wife and kids. Truthfully, I'm fine with either love interest just as long as Lucy is happy.

6. What Happened To Wyatt and Jessica's Baby?

What Happened To Wyatt and Jessica's Baby?
Jessica is a traitor so we don't wish her well, but her baby with Wyatt is still a major concern. Does the baby survive? Does Wyatt raise him/her with Lucy's help? Does the baby join the fight against Rittenhouse in the future? Is the baby a crucial piece to solving the mystery? Does the baby even exist? I could see Jessica lying about it in the first place.

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