17 Times Labor Went Above and Beyond the Pain

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Labor is painful on its own, but add in extra drama and unique circumstances and it becomes almost unbearable. 

Television doesn't like to let their characters off easy, and even though giving birth isn't easy to begin with, it can never go down without a major hitch. 

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We created a slideshow below of 17 times labor went above and beyond the pain. 

1. Amy Gives Birth Next to a Dead Body - Superstore

Amy and Dina both leave work to have their babies, but Amy discovers that the hospital isn't under her insurance plan. Amy and Jonah go to a rundown clinic nearby and end up sharing a room with a corpse while an elderly doctor delivers her baby.

2. Rachel's Labor Never Ends - Friends

This entire scenario may have been comedic, but it was hard not to feel bad for Rachel at the end of the day. Multiple mothers were rolled in and out of the shared hospital room to give birth, while Rachel spent the entire time in continuous suffering.

3. Petra Gives Birth to Twins Without an Epidural - Jane the Virgin

Pushing out one baby is hard enough, but pushing out two without an epidural to numb the pain is downright agony. Thankfully, Jane was there to help her through it, and after some angry curses in Czech, Petra is able to make it through.

4. Pam Almost Has Her Baby in the Office - The Office

Trying to find a loophole in their insurance, Pam decides to wait as long as possible to go to the hospital. But Pam waits too long, causing Jim to go into panic mode, and Michael drives them to the hospital just in the nick of time.

5. Georgia's at Home Delivery Almost Kills Her - New Amsterdam

As if having her baby at home and nearly dying isn't enough, the ambulance that Georgia and her family are in ends up getting into a major accident on the way to the hospital. The season finale of New Amsterdam left us unaware of her fate.

6. April Has an Emergency C-Section With No Anesthesia - Grey's Anatomy

With a storm raging outside, April tells Ben to save her baby no matter the cost. While Jackson frantically yells over the phone to keep April alive, Ben cuts her open with a kitchen knife and no anesthesia. Say what you want about April, but this moment proved just how strong of a person she is.

7. June Gives Birth Alone - The Handmaid's Tale

Distressed and freezing, June gives birth to her baby in an abandoned house. As soon as she is taken back into captivity, June's new-born is taken from her and given to Serena and The Commander.

8. Vivien Dies Giving Birth to the Antichrist - American Horror Story

You know things are bad when a bunch of ghosts need to jump in and save the day. After a brutal birthing scene, the antichrist was the only twin who survived delivery. Vivien ended up dying during childbirth alongside her other child, but since they both died in the house they were able to live on as ghosts.

9. Lori Asks Maggie to Cut Out Her Baby - The Walking Dead

When Walkers infiltrate the prison, Lori realizes that something is wrong with the baby. Even though she isn't fully dilated, she's bleeding profusely and is in an insane amount of pain. Knowing that she won't survive, Lori asks Maggie to cut her baby out of her in order to save its life.

10. Riley Has Her Baby In a Wrecked Car - Sense8

Stuck in a blizzard, Riley and her husband crash on the way to the hospital. Gravely injured herself, Riley realizes that her husband is dead and is forced to give birth in the wrecked car. As if that wasn't enough, Riley's daughter dies in her arms due to the freezing temperature.

11. Aurora Gives Birth in Secret - The 100

With the Ark only able to support a limited number of people, having more than one baby is a criminal offense. Aurora is forced to give birth to Octavia as quietly as possible with her seven-year-old son as her only help. She is eventually executed when Octavia is discovered years later.

12. Quinn's Water Breaks During Regionals - Glee

Having a baby at sixteen-years-old is no easy task, especially when you go into labor directly after you step off the stage of your show choir competition. Thankfully, Quinn was able to make it to the hospital on time, and despite an intense birth overlayed with Vocal Adrenaline's cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody," Quinn was just fine.

13. Becky Gives Birth While Jesse Has Appendicitis Surgery - Full House

Sorry, Jesse, but you weren't having sympathy pains. When Becky arrives at the hospital to have her baby, Jesse ends up having appendicitis. He was wheeled into Becky's room right before she had the baby, but he was so out of it from the drugs that he made the process worse.

14. Cheyenne Has Her Baby in the Store - Superstore

It's no secret that Corporate doesn't care much about its employees. After Cheyenne is denied maternity leave, she ends up giving birth in the middle of the store in front of all the customers.

15. Snow's Baby is Stolen Seconds After Birth - Once Upon a Time

Snow had already lost a baby once, and she wasn't about to do it again. All of her friends stood guard prepared to fight off Zelena, but they were no match in the end and the baby was magically whisked out of her arms.

16. Lily Goes Into Labor While Marshall is Kidnapped by Barney - How I Met Your Mother

Marshall goes a little too crazy preparing for the birth of their son, so Lily has Barney kidnap Marshall and take him for a guys' weekend. Her plan ends up backfiring when she goes into labor early, and Barney and Marshall are both too drunk to drive back. Lily is left in the hands of Ted, Robin, and her dad who end up making the situation worse.

17. Gloria's Water Breaks During the Party She Planned - Modern Family

Gloria goes into labor at the worst possible time. After planning a huge party for Manny, Gloria's water breaks in front of all the guests. Feeling guilty for ruining the party, Gloria is rushed away from the festivities in order to have her baby.

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