17 Times the Pretty Little Liars Were Their Own Women

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We're winding down Pretty Little Liars Season 7, and since the very beginning, the Liars have had and retained their unique fashion sense.

This slideshow is in celebration of their ability to be the closest of friends while still standing out in their own crowd.

It's a very rare day in Rosewood when you'd mistake one of the Liars for the other based upon the way they dress. 

They can all wear little black dresses to the all-too-frequent funerals they attend without losing their fashionable identity.

Let's look at the four of them together over the years, good outfits and bad!

You can see all of these again when you watch Pretty Little Liars online, too!

1. Going to a Funeral!

Going to a Funeral!
Don't be surprised. It's a common occurrence in Rosewood. Hanna's get-up is the very best and shouts she's not dressing down for them anymore.

2. Just Throw Something On

Just Throw Something On
These outfits are kind of like the sweats the rest of us would wear. They're like clothes you'd just throw on to cover your naked body outside, yet still unmistakable.

3. The Ice Ball

The Ice Ball
Formals always allow the girls to shine, and for the Ice Ball (where, surprise, terror struck!) Emily looked phenomenal. That gown is perfection, and she knows it!

4. They Rule the School

They Rule the School
On this day of casual dress, they're all on target, but Emily stands out with her sporty look, as does Hanna with the lovely mint green blouse. No wonder A wanted to attack them.

5. Another Funeral!

Another Funeral!
At this one, Hanna looks like she's heading for a night out with cocktails. The others fit in with the more somber theme of, you know, dead people.

6. WWAD?

Sometimes you just have to imagine what would Aria do, and then do the opposite. Because what is she wearing? You can tell her parents were splitting up because they obviously weren't paying attention to how she left the house. Spencer looks cute, and can you see her boots?

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