19 Characters Who Let Go of Their True Love

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You know what they say, if you love someone let them go and if they come back they were always yours.

Viewers can never be certain who a character is going to end up with in the end, but odds are, their true love is going to let them go at one point or another.

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TV shows will add drama at any chance they get, and what's more dramatic than setting your soulmate free?

We created a slideshow below of 19 characters who let go of their true love. 

1. Rafael Solano - Jane the Virgin

Rafael Solano - Jane the Virgin
Originally, Rafael wasn't Jane's true love but she was always his. He kept his feelings to himself so she could be happy with Michael, but after Michael's "death" Jane and Rafael ended up together again.

2. Kira Yukimura - Teen Wolf

Kira Yukimura - Teen Wolf
Kira may have loved Scott, but she had to let him go in order to find herself. She wanted to understand her powers and how to use them, so she went with the skinwalkers and was never seen on the show again. It's not like we're bitter or anything.

3. Lucifer Morningstar - Lucifer

Lucifer Morningstar - Lucifer
Right after hearing Chloe confess her love for him, Lucifer made the decision to leave her for good. The only way to keep Chloe and the rest of the world save was to go back to hell forever.

4. Ryan Tribecky (Trick) - Black Mirror

Ryan Tribecky (Trick) - Black Mirror
Trick is forced to break up with Sara because of her mom's blackmail. Marie didn't approve of the two of them together and went to extreme lengths to keep them apart.

5. Hiro Nakamura - Heroes

Hiro Nakamura - Heroes
Despite Hiro still being in love with Charlie, she ended up having a happy life without him when she was sent back in time. Instead of bringing her back to his time period he decides to let her go.

6. John Reese - Person of Interest

John Reese - Person of Interest
Instead of making Jessica wait around for him while he goes overseas, John tells her to marry her fiancé. It was clearly the wrong choice, however, when Jessica ends up murdered by her husband.

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