19 of the Most Unpredictable Duos on TV

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Whether they're unreliable when it comes to each other, or just very fickle people in general, it's nearly impossible to predict some of our favorite characters' next moves. 

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They're hot and then they're cold, or they're good and then they're evil, and sometimes we have no idea what to make of them or their choices.

We've created a slide show below of 19 of the most unpredictable duos on television! 

1. Cookie and Lucious - Empire

These two are crazy unpredictable. Do they love each other? Hate each other? The only thing we're sure of is that they should not be together with issues as insane as theirs.

2. Sheila and Joel - Santa Clarita Diet

We definitely did not expect Joel to help him bury the body of his wife's latest victim when he found out she had turned into a flesh-eating zombie. But people have a way of surprising you.

3. Callie and Mariana - Good Trouble

Whether they're on The Fosters or Good Trouble, Callie and Mariana are always up to something. But for some reason, we can never really predict what it's going to be.

4. Madalena and Gareth - Galavant

Going from hate to love and randomly starting wars? Just a day in the life of Madalena and Gareth.

5. Amy and Jonah - Superstore

They may be on a sitcom, but these two are unpredictable whenever they're together. What even are they even doing most of the time? Instead of working, it seems like they spend most of the workday flirting, challenging each other to dares, and having full-blown investigations. But then again, sometimes they end up doing their job and doing it very well. Stellar employees, or the worst?

6. Serena and Fred - The Handmaid's Tale

Whose side are they even on? They would pamper June one episode and then physical assault her the next. We definitely couldn't have predicted Serena or Fred's individual actions in the Season 2 finale.

7. Bellamy and Clarke - The 100

The love these two have for each other is insane. Literally. Clarke let a bomb drop on a village to keep Bellamy safe and Bellamy was ready to kill almost 300 people if Clarke wasn't released from her kidnappers. But then Clarke also left him behind to die in the fighting pits when she got mad at him. To be fair, it feels more like inconsistent writing than anything else.

8. Eve and Villanelle - Killing Eve

Eve and Villanelle's relationship has A LOT of ups and downs. Do they love each other? Hate each other? They're not even sure. Just take the crazy Season 1 finale for example.

9. Cheryl and Veronica - Riverdale

Are they friends or foes? No one can really say. They're unpredictable towards each other and also unpredictable in general. You never know exactly what side these two are on.

10. Beth and Rio - Good Girls

Are they going to kiss each other or kill each other? Honestly, we never know what these two have up their sleeves when it comes to their life of crime.

11. Alex and Piper - Orange is the New Black

If you land yourself in jail as these two did, odds are your trying your best to be unpredictable. But their relationship was also full of its ups and downs and we were never really sure how they felt about each other.

12. Seth and Richie - From Dusk Till Dawn

Two brothers living a life of crime. Except that one of them just so happened to turn into a vampire. They had their fair share of disagreements and even almost killed each other multiple times, but their love for each other always won out. Despite that, we still never knew what they were going to do next.

13. Alison and Mona - PLL: The Perfectionists

Enemies? Frenemies? Actual friends? Who really knows? They've been all three depending on the day. But there's no denying that Alison and Mona's relationship is one of the best parts of Pretty Little Liars' latest spinoff and we're looking forward to how it continues to evolve.

14. Philip and Elizabeth - The Americans

These two spies probably didn't predict that they would end up falling in love with each other while posing as a couple during a mission. But in their line of work, their job is essentially to be unpredictable.

15. Stefan and Damon - The Vampire Diaries

Are they good guys or bad guys? Do they love each other or hate each other? It's a little bit of both honestly, but The Vampire Diaries proved at the end of the series that their love for each other is above all else.

16. Beck and Joe - YOU

Joe was very obviously unpredictable and had a lot of dangerous mood swings. But Beck was also hot and cold and you could never tell what she was going to do next.

17. Lucy and Wyatt - Timeless

In a show like Timeless, you have to expect the unexpected. We never knew what their next move was going to be, and odds are, they didn't either.

18. Skyler and Walter - Breaking Bad

When you find out your husband is cooking meth the expected thing to do is divorce him right? Skyler thought that too, so we did not expect to see her join his business and become part of his drug trade.

19. Michael and Janet - The Good Place

These two always have a new plan up their sleeve but we never know exactly what they're going to do next. To be fair, it's hard to predict anything in an afterlife as crazy as the one The Good Place portrays.

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