19 Steamy Grey's Moments That Will Put You In The Mood

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After thirteen seasons, a revolving ensemble cast of beautiful people, and an entire fleet of ships, there are more than enough steamy Grey's Anatomy moments to go around.

What else do you expect from a group of characters that spend just as much time undressed as they do in scrubs?

In fact, Grey's Anatomy is so steamy they even nicknamed the resident lothario of the hospital "McSteamy." If you doubt he lived up to that nickname, you should know the man appeared on this list three times, and that's modest for him.

In honor of the most romantic month of the year, here is a list of some of the steamiest scenes in Grey's Anatomy history. 

Check it out below! Are we missing any? Hit the comments to tell us some of your favorite steamy Grey's moments that put you in the mood.

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1. Meredith and Derek - "Don't Let's Start"

Meredith and Derek - "Don't Let's Start"
Meredith and Derek had just as many steamy moments as married parents, as they did when they were just dating. One of the steamiest was in Season 11 Episode 6. They had a shower make-out session while a clueless Maggie and Richard waited in the next room.

2. Alex and Izzie - "It's The End of The World"

Alex and Izzie - "It's The End of The World"
Izzie and Alex had quite the journey, from frenemies, to lovers, to husband and wife, to divorced. But who didn't cheer during Season 2 Episode 16, when Izzie stormed in on Alex and graced us with one of Grey's most memorable lines to date, "Take off your pants."

3. Mark and Lexie - "All By Myself"

Mark and Lexie - "All By Myself"
Slexie is one of the most iconic relationships of the series. It ended in tragedy, for both of them, but who can forget where it all begin. Lexie's "Teach Me" moment in Season 5 Episode 10 was one of the steamiest moments of the series.

4. Callie and Arizona - "Blink"

Callie and Arizona - "Blink"
Calzona had plenty of steamy scenes throughout the years, but one of the steamiest (literally) and funniest, was during Season 6 Episode 11 when they were having quite the time, until they were interrupted by Lexie.

5. Lexie and Jackson - "Free Falling"

Lexie and Jackson - "Free Falling"
There wasn't a room in the Grey's house that Lexie and Jackson didn't "christen," to the point of driving their roomates nuts. They weren't destined to be, but Season 8 Episode 1 proved that they were a special couple with amazing chemistry.

6. Jo and Alex - "Perfect Storm"

Jo and Alex - "Perfect Storm"
Jo and Alex may currently be in an uncertain point in their relationship, but if anyone is used to rocky times, it's a couple who begin during one of the worst storms ever. Shippers everywhere rejoiced during Jolex's hot make-out session in Season 9 Episode 24.

7. Callie and Erica - "Freedom"

Callie and Erica - "Freedom"
Callie's journey figuring out her sexuality was one of the best arcs on the show. She and Erica danced around each other for quite some time. Finally, Callie went in for the kiss in Season 4 Episode 16, and it was equal parts sweet and sexy.

8. Christina and Burke - "Shake Your Groove Thing"

Christina and Burke - "Shake Your Groove Thing"
Who knew a cup of coffee could lead to sexytimes? Apparently Christina and Preston did, because that's exactly what happened during Season 1 Episode 5. It's one of the most memorable and sexiest moments of the series.

9. Jackson and Stephanie - "Things We Said Today"

Jackson and Stephanie - "Things We Said Today"
Avery and Edwards were not the first Grey's couple to get it on in a car, but they certainly were one of the hottest. Season 9 Episode 10 gave us this sexy and hilarious moment. Stephanie was many of us in that moment! No, Jackson, please don't put it back on.

10. Alex and Addison - "Desire"

Alex and Addison - "Desire"
Before Arizona mentored Alex to be a Ped's god, Alex, served time under OBGYN badass, Addison Montgomery. Quite literally. When the sexual tension became too much, they finally hit an on-call room in Season 3 Episode 21.

11. Maggie and Andrew - "Old Time Rock N Roll"

Maggie and Andrew - "Old Time Rock N Roll"
Sadly Maggie and Andrew were short-lived, but they had a few steamy moments during their relationship. Two of them were in the same episode. Nothing quite topped the last one in Season 12 Episode 4 though. Apparently the doors of GSM are quite sturdy!

12. Owen and Christina - "All By Myself"

Owen and Christina - "All By Myself"
Who can forget "the vent scene?" Season 5 Episode 10 gave us two memorable steamy moments of the series. Kudos to Owen and Christina for finding somewhere other than an on-call room to get it on. Does it get hotter than a boiler room?

13. Jackson and April - "She's Gone"

Jackson and April - "She's Gone"
There is no way we could talk about steamy scenes and leave the hottest Japril scene to date, courtersy of Season 8 Episode 22. In two episodes April went from a virgin to having smoking hot sex in an airport bathroom! If you didn't swoon when Jackson carried her across the room, you're lying.

14. Meredith and Nathan - "At Last"

Meredith and Nathan - "At Last"
Many fans were divided on whether or not they wanted to see Meredith with anyone after Derek died. Whether or not we were ready for it, Season 12 Episode 23 gave us an insanely hot Meredith and Nathan moment in the hospital's parking lot.

15. Callie and Mark - "Slow Night, So Long"

Callie and Mark - "Slow Night, So Long"
Callie and Mark had an interesting relationship. They were best friends (with many, many benefits) and parents to Sofia. They had many steamy scenes together. I mean, he's McSteamy after all, but Season 7 Episode 9 had us thinking of "sorbet" in a whole new way.

16. Owen and Amelia - "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side"

Owen and Amelia - "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side"
Omelia are in a rough place right now, but they weren't always like this. Speaking of another steamy but funny moment, does it get any more awkward than being caught in the act? That's exactly what Major Hunt had to deal with during Season 12 Episode 21.

17. Miranda and Ben - "Going, Going, Gone"

Miranda and Ben - "Going, Going, Gone"
For multiple seasons Miranda Bailey, a married mother, avoided sexytimes with colleagues. But after a divorce, flirtation, and teasing from Callie, Miranda found herself in front of a ready and willing naked man demanding that she take advantage of him on Grey's Season 9 Episode 1. Miranda Bailey got her groove back.

18. Mark and Addison - "I Am A Tree"

Mark and Addison - "I Am A Tree"
We can't talk about steamy Grey's moments without talking about the ultimate steamy scene! Though it was moments after regrettable Addison and Mark sex, we have Season 3 Episode 2 to thank for McSteamy living up to his nickname. Some entrance.

19. Derek and Meredith - "Losing My Religion"

Derek and Meredith - "Losing My Religion"
There is no couple on Grey's Anatomy that is as steamy as Merder, and over the years the infamous "exam room scene" in Season 2 Episode 27 is still one of the most talked about, sexiest, steamiest scenes of the entire series.

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