19 Things We Want to See on Superstore Season 5

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Superstore is undoubtfully one of the most underrated shows on television.

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The sitcom manages to respectfully address serious topics while still keeping comedy front and center. It's a hard line to toe, but Superstore manages to do it perfectly.

In an extremely emotional scene, Superstore Season 4 left off with Mateo being driven away by ICE, while his co-workers pondered what to do next. 

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With the fifth season premiering in the fall, we created a slideshow below of 19 things we want to see when Superstore makes its return! 

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1. Mateo to Return Safely to Cloud 9

Mateo to Return Safely to Cloud 9
We know Mateo hasn't been written off the series, so we're interested to see how the sitcom will handle his storyline. It's both incredible and heartbreaking that the show went there, and we're anxious to see how it all plays out.

2. Sandra and Jerry's Wedding

Sandra and Jerry's Wedding
Sandra and Jerry are one of the purest couples in history and deserve nothing but happiness. Now that they're engaged, we've got our fingers crossed that we'll get to see the employees of Cloud 9 attend another wedding.

3. A Simmosa Proposal

A Simmosa Proposal
Jonah and Amy still need to discuss the baby dilemma, but hopefully, they'll get things figured out soon. We love the slow burn and we don't want to rush their relationship, so how about a proposal at the end of Season 5 and a wedding on Season 6? We'll need the full hiatus to recover if Jonah (or Amy) gets down on one knee.

4. The Return of Dina's Birds

The Return of Dina's Birds
The loss of Dina's birds is something we'll never get over. They were a huge part of her character and there were very few things she cared about more than them. The despair on Dina's face when they flew away still hurts our hearts to this day.

5. Amy's Missing Son

Amy's Missing Son
Superstore fans can collectively agree that the real mystery of Season 4 is, "what happened to Parker?" There may not be much of a place for him while Amy is at work, but does he still exist? Or is he just a figment of our imagination like the puppy Glenn gave Amy?

6. More Jonah and Emma Scenes

More Jonah and Emma Scenes
Although we don't see it much, the dynamic between Jonah and Amy's daughter has always been hilarious. If the QuinceaƱera episode proved anything, it's that the show could benefit from more scenes between the two. How could you not love this future stepdad and stepdaughter relationship?

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