19 Tough TV Characters With Squishy Soft Sides

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All well-developed television characters have layers.

The longer you watch a show and the more you get to know the people on it, the more the layers start to unravel. 

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There are some characters who try to come off as tough for either their sake or other's, when in reality, they're just like everyone else. 

We created a slideshow below of 19 tough TV characters with squishy soft sides!

1. Conrad Hawkins - The Resident

Conrad Hawkins - The Resident
Conrad tried to come off as arrogant and unfeeling when he first met his new intern. But it really only took twenty minutes to realize that Conrad is a huge softie who cares about his patients more than anything.

2. Diego Hargreeves - The Umbrella Academy

Diego Hargreeves - The Umbrella Academy
Diego is a total badass who tries to act as if nothing fazes him. But when it comes to protecting his family, Diego is probably the softest character on the show.

3. Alec Lightwood - Shadowhunters

Alec Lightwood - Shadowhunters
Alec is a fierce warrior who always tries to keep his focus on the task at hand. When he's around his boyfriend, however, he completely melts. Don't even get us started on what a softie he is when it comes to children.

4. Garrett McNeill - Superstore

Garrett McNeill - Superstore
Garrett may insult his co-workers on a daily basis, but really he just likes to mess with people. The truth is, the more Garett picks on you, the more he actually likes you. Just ask his best friend, Jonah.

5. Nick Porter - The Village

Nick Porter - The Village
Nick is a tough, military veteran who's fighting PTSD. All he really wants to do is be a good father to his daughter, but he also respects the fact that her mother isn't ready for her to know who he is.

6. Rio - Good Girls

Rio - Good Girls
Rio, the leader of a violent gang, can often be caught melting around the right people. Turns out, he's a father who cares deeply for his son, and he even threatened a violent group of men to get Beth's daughter's blanket returned.

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