19 TV Characters Who Need to Take a Hike

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The small screen is full of characters we loathe.

Every time he or she comes on screen, the joy we felt turning on the television suddenly evaporates.

Sometimes, the character is so unbearable, the show isn't even worth watching anymore. 

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But why should fans be the ones who suffer?

Instead, why don't we give these characters the pink slip and tell them to take a hike?!

Here are 19 TV Characters to get us started!

Who tops your list? Hit the comments and share your thoughts below!

1. Elizabeth Keen - The Blacklist

Elizabeth Keen - The Blacklist
There have been times when we've been on Liz's side, but her constant back-and-forth between good and bad hasn't helped her cause. After more than half a season of her making Red's life miserable in her pursuit of his true identity, she made a complete about-face and put those desires behind her. Maddening doesn't even begin to describe how we feel about her. It's more like throwing things at the TV every time she's on the screen!. It's time for her to leave our lives...and Red's forever.

2. Kate Pearson - This is Us

Kate Pearson - This is Us
If we could add a new dictionary definition for the word "selfish," our entry would be simple: Kate Pearson. There is no more despicable character on television than Kate who always seems to turn any situation into a pity party for herself. Take a hike, Kate, and don't let the door hit you in the ass.

3. Jamal Lyon - Empire

Jamal Lyon - Empire
For obvious reasons, it's time for Jamal to go. There's nothing worse than mind-blowing offscreen drama to ruin a show for fans. Thanks, Jamal, but later.

4. Castiel - Supernatural

Castiel - Supernatural
Castiel used to have a purpose on Supernatural. Now, he's only used as a comedic device to break the tension in the Winchester brothers' lives. We love you, Cas, but you've outlasted your welcome.

5. Chloe Decker - Lucifer

Chloe Decker - Lucifer
Chloe needs some sense slapped into her. We get that she's a cop who likes to deal in facts and thinks logically, but to continually ignore the truth before you gets old really fast. We're happy Lucifer got another life on Netflix, but if Chloe doesn't shape up...she needs to ship out.

6. Sansa Stark - Game of Thrones

Sansa Stark - Game of Thrones
Sansa has never been one of our favorite characters, but even as she straightened out after some horrendous experiences, her whiny arrogance has grated on our nerves. If there's one character we would love to see take a long trip to nowhere, it's Sansa.

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