2014 Super Bowl Commercials

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Who cared about the game? Super Bowl XLVIII featured a number of funny commercials, along with some terrible ones.

Check out our collection of big game ads here.

1. Full House Super Bowl Commercial

The men of Full House are back! They reunite here for a Dannon Yogurt Super Bowl commercial.

2. Newcastle Super Bowl Commercial

This Newcastle Super Bowl commercial cracks us up. It features Anna Kendrick being totally awesome.

3. Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial: Puppy and Clydesdale

We dare you not to cry over this Budweiser Super Bowl. It features a puppy! And a Clydesdale!

4. Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial: Welcome Home

This Budweiser Super Bowl commercial honors a returning war hero. It's sentimental stuff.

5. Kia Super Bowl Commercial

Morpheus is back! This iconic character is resurrected in Kia's 2014 Super Bowl commercial.

6. Cheerios Super Bowl Commercial 2014

Cheerios is all about love. That's the message it aims to pass along in this Super Bowl commercial.

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Super Bowl Commercials
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