2016 TV Fanatic Awards: All the Winners!!

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What did I find most surprising about the TV Fanatic Awards this year?

A lot, actually. 

In fact, I wouldn't have won any bets on either the shows nominated by our own writers, nor on the eventual winners of our categories.

So waste no more time. Take a look below to see who won the exciting 2016 TV Fanatic Awards, and thanks to all of you who participated. We couldn't do it without you.

1. Are You Ready for This?

Are You Ready for This?
Almost all of the winners can be found on thiis slide. Can you guess (without cheating) what awards you think each one won? I'm betting no way, Jose.

2. The Speedster Award

The Speedster Award
With an overwhelming 45.9% of the votes, The Exorcist is the show that had you from hello. This Is Us and Lethal Weapon tied at 12.4% splitting the second place spot. Nobody else even came close.

3. The Guilded Bullshirt Award

The Guilded Bullshirt Award
Keeping Up With The Kardashians took the biggest BS prize with 42% and The Walking Dead came in next with 16.6% percent. Talk about two different planes of existence!

4. The Perpetual Ocular Rotation Award

The Perpetual Ocular Rotation Award
Well, it doesn't say much for Grey's Jo Wilson that she takes the cake of the biggest eye-roll at 33.6%. Former POTUS from Scandal, Fitzgerald Grant, took second prize with 15.1%.

5. The Golden Fanny Award

The Golden Fanny Award
Girl Meets World is your guiltiest pleasure with 18.6% followed closely by Gotham with 18.0%. The others were fairly evenly stacked.

6. The Golden Diaper Award

The Golden Diaper Award
Nope, I wouldn't have guessed The Librarians would sweep the funniest show award with 31.3% of the vote, while Brooklyn Nine-Nine trailed in second with 18.1%.

7. The Buried Treasure Award

The Buried Treasure Award
This was really close! What or who is being passed over for awards? Younger (expecially Miriam Shor's performance as Diana) came in first with 24.6% of the votes, and Quarry (and Logan Marshall-Green's performance) came in second with 22.8%

8. The Dodgeball Award

The Dodgeball Award
The Winner with 17.2 % was Pitch...will audiences get another chance to show their love to the show they dodged? Following closely behind was DC's Legends of Tomorrow with 16.6% of the votes. Tune in to the new date and time on Tuesday, January 24 at 9 to help.

9. The Plush Teddy Award

The Plush Teddy Award
The scariest show on television, according to you, was Outcast with 23.3% of the votes. AHS: My Roanoke Nightmare frightened you a little less with 20.5%.

10. The Boomerang Award

The Boomerang Award
On Gotham When Penguin and Nygma Almost Kissed During 'Anything For You' has been rewatched a LOT with 30.1% of the votes, and the nearest rewatched scene was when 'Lucifer' Revealed Himself to Dr. Linda with 11.4% of the votes.

11. The Open Hearts Award

The Open Hearts Award
You know who really deserves love? Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. At least 26.7% of you think he does! Stiles & Lydia from Teen Wolf are also deserving of it TOGETHER according to 20.4% of you.

12. Ride or Die Award

Ride or Die Award
Juliette and Avery from Nashville are the couple you'll stand by to the bitter end with 23.9% of the votes, but Luke and Lorelei of Gilmore Girls were hot on their tail and already proved their durability with 23.6% of the votes.

13. The Revolving Door Award

The Revolving Door Award
The character you're going to miss the most is Cat Grant of Supergirl by a wide margin at 28.6%. Despite the fact NCIS hasn't been the same, Tony DiNozzo of NCIS only snagged 18.4% of the votes. Have those fans given up?

14. The Prestige Television Award

The Prestige Television Award
The best drama on television is This Is Us with 37.7% of the votes. Having just rewatched the first half of the season, I have to agree! The closest competitor, according to our readers, is Quarry, with 18.0%. We think they're both great!!

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