21 Disney Channel Shows That Made Growing Up in the 2000s Epic!

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We may be living in the era of peak TV, but kids who grew up in the 2000s might say otherwise. 

That's because children's television was at its best when Millenials and Generation Z were growing up, and a large part of that was thanks to Disney Channel. 

Disney Channel was still finding its footing in the late 90s, but in the 2000s it quickly became the go-to channel for children and tweens alike.

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From earlier programs like Even Stevens, Recess and Lizzie McGuire to some of its later inceptions like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Phineas and Ferb, Disney delivered its finest work during this time period, and the kids and tweens of today might never know what they truly missed. 

So let's sit back and reflect on those times you would come running home from school so you can catch your favorite Disney program and talk about it with your friends on the playground the next day. 

Also, make sure to tell us which Disney Channel show was your absolute favorite growing up! 


1. Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana
Normal teen by day, pop star by night. Before Miley Cyrus became the global superstar she now is, she was Hannah Montana, a global superstar in her own right. Hannah Montana was by far the most popular show to come out of Disney, and the network will likely never be able to match the success it once had. It was so successful that a feature-length film was released in theaters! Whether they admitted it or not, every child was watching Hannah Montana because Miley Stewart was living the dream of every child out there, and had a solid group of friends and family supporting her throughout the way. Hannah Montana may have been a pop star, but Miley Stewart was just your average teenage girl who knew how much of a struggle it was to grow up.

2. Dave the Barbarian

Dave the Barbarian
An underrated gem that wasn't fully appreciated by Disney Fanatics until it was too late. While it only had one season, Dave the Barbarian became a beloved show and its reruns were all the rage. Disney has always been willing to explore the weird and wacky, and Dave the Barbarian was as weird and kooky as it could get. Dave was a cowardly barbarian who thought he was pursuing a career as a librarian who also cuts hair. Instead, he was forced into a world of fighting monsters and bad guys while his shallow sister attempted to rule the kingdom. It combined all the classic family sitcom elements with a middle ages backdrop. It was a cartoon that was way ahead of its time.

3. Even Stevens

Even Stevens
Disney Channel had a few live action shows before Even Stevens, but this Shia LaBeouf sitcom was Disney's first big hit. At its core, Even Stevens was a traditional family sitcom that followed the lives of the Stevens family. Despite being a normal middle-class family, they managed to get themselves into some pretty wacky, off-the-wall situations, mainly due to the youngest child Louis. The series which also starred Disney Channel mainstay, Christy Carlson Romano, used stereotypes such as the dumb jock brother and type A sister in a way that was truly unique to them. Even Stevens was also the first live-action Disney Channel show to culminate in a movie, and if you ask Shia LaBeouf (and me), it was one of the greatest movies ever!

4. Filmore!

Disney Channel may be known for its sitcoms, but they know how to produce some badass action shows as well. Filmore! wasn't a show known for laughs, it was a show known for solving crimes and kicking butt. A parody of police procedurals that took police work to the schoolyard. Filmore, a former juvenile delinquent turned an esteemed member of the X Middle School safety patrol was partnered up with a former delinquent in her own right, Ingrid. After helping her clear her name for a "crime" she didn't commit, the two not only became partners but best friends. With Filmore's athletic skill and Ingrid's photographic memory, the two ensured their peers were safe from all delinquents at X Middle School and made kids everywhere wonder why their school's safety patrol wasn't nearly as cool as Filmore and Ingrid.

5. Jonas

The Jonas Brothers were all the rage in 2009. They became especially popular after the release of Camp Rock. So, it made sense for Disney to capitalize on the brothers' popularity, and have them be the stars of their own show. While Jonas didn't become the success Disney hoped it would be, it was still wildly entertaining, mainly because the brothers weren't afraid to poke fun at themselves. Joe was the stereotypical leading man, obsessed with his looks, Kevin was the loveable goofball, and Nick was the calm, cute, endearing one. Jonas also provided Chelsea Kane and Nicole Anderson with their breakout roles. Nick and Macy's romance in Season 2 (LA, LA Baby!) was what made the show go from good to great in its last season!

6. Disney's House Of Mouse

Disney's House Of Mouse
What do you get when Cinderella, Bambi, and Peter Pan go to dinner and a show together? You get Disney's House of Mouse! Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and the rest of the Toontown gang running their own dinner theater was a genius idea and gave Disney fans everything they could have dreamed of. The Mickey Mouse gang may have been the focal characters of the show, but other Disney heroes and villains also got their chance to shine as they attempted to either help Mickey and Co. save the day, or attempted to ruin Mickey and Co.'s dinner theater. House of Mouse was the type of show that could be appreciated by all ages, mainly because of its unique use of popular Disney characters. The fact that it hasn't been rebooted by Disney Channel yet, is the greatest mystery of all.

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