21 TV Lawyers That Will Fight For Your Rights!

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There are the lawyers that do good – Jack McCoy, Marshall Eriksen, Sandy Cohen.

Then there are the lawyers that look good – Jessica Pearson, Olivia Pope, Harvey Specter.

Finally there are the lawyers that make you question the entire legal profession – wait, actually that's most of them. We don't have the time or space to make that list right now.

Love them or hate them, lawyers serve a vital purpose in our litigious society.

They fight for the wrongly accused; prosecute dangerous criminals; educate and shape young minds; and all in all try to make this world a better place.

There are bound to be lawyers I forgot, so don't hesitate to add your favorites in the comments.

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Now without further ado...

1. Will Gardner - The Good Wife

Will Gardner, played by Josh Charles, was a ladies man and a cunning attorney. We got to see his romantic side through his relationship with Alicia and his loyal and supportive side through his friendship with Diane. He was flawed, but an all around good person. The Good Wife season 5 episode 15 will go down as one of the most shocking, heart breaking episodes in series history.

2. Annalise Keating - How to Get Away with Murder

Portrayed by SAG and Emmy award winning actress Viola Davis, Annalise is a passionate attorney with a troubled past and present. She fights vigorously for her clients but also ends up on the wrong side of the court room from time to time. She has complicated relationships with everyone in her life and though she tries to be a good person she is usually unsuccessful.

3. Barry Zuckerkorn - Arrested Development

Arrested Development was just renewed for Season 5, and I'm seriously hoping we see Henry Winkler's character again. In later seasons he may have been fired and replaced by Bob Boblaw, who was equally incompetant, but the Bluth's need someone who knows their true crazy and still defends them vigorously. Or at least tries to. Sometimes. Even if he has no idea what he's doing.

4. Jackie Chiles - Seinfeld

Everyone knows Jackie Chiles, portrayed hilariously by Phil Morris, was based on Johnnie Cochran. They both wear glasses, have mustaches, and are well-dressed with a penchant for grandiose vocabulary. Jackie Chiles was initially brought on to represent Kramer but he ended up playing a crucial role in the series finale thanks to the gang's "lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous" behavior.

5. Erin Reagan - Blue Bloods

Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan, is the daughter of police commissioner Frank Reagan, a New York County Assistant District Attorney and a single mother. She's dealt with shootings inside courtrooms, hostage situations, and physical assualts but she remains strong. An avid gun owner with a preference for glocks, she is the best shot in the Reagan family.

6. Jack McCoy - Law & Order

Sam Waterson played Jack McCoy from 1994 - 2010. He started out as the Executive Assistant District Attorney before becoming the New York County District Attorney. Jack had a difficult childhood which no doubt affects his adult relatiomnships. He's been divorced twice, has a strained relationship with his daughter and tends to have inappropriate relationships with his subordinates. When it comes to law, he's willing to bend the rules a little if it means justice will be served.

7. Rebecca Bunch - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Despite all of the insecurities, drama and chaos that Becs causes, she's actually a pretty decent attorney. I mean, when she shows up to work, on time, dressed for success and ready to fight. Our favorite love-struck attorney, played by the supremely talented Rachel Bloom, was offered partner at a very prestigous law firm before following her heart to West Covina. Now she's mostly focused on marrying Josh which she believes will solve all her problems.

8. Marshall Eriksen - How I Met Your Mother

In my opinion, Jason Segel played one of the best TV characters ever (No, not Nick Andopolis from Freaks and Geeks), the environment protecting, Lily loving, Marshall Eriksen. Affectionately known as Big Fudge, we first met Marshall when he was in law school. Later, we see him pass the bar with dreams of becoming an environmental lawyer; join an evil, corporate firm when money gets tight; and accept a judgeship on the New York Supreme Court. All this and he still had time to be part of one of the most beloved TV couples – Lilypad and Marshmellow.

9. Harvey Specter - Suits

Like other attorneys on this list, Harvey, played by Gabriel Macht, started out as an Assistant District Attorney. With help from his mentor, Jessica Pearson, he eventually becomes a senior partner at more than one law firm. He's handsome and charming, but also ruthless. As a result, most people don't really like him, not that he minds. He only cares for a select few and winning. Mostly the latter.

10. Olivia Pope - Scandal

Liv is a fixer, as long as it's not her life she's trying to fix. As an attorney, Kerry Washington's character is rarely inside a court room, but she can still argue with the best of them. She tries so hard to wear "the white hat" but is constantly torn between her friends and family and what she thinks is right. Nevertheless, when something bad happens, she the one you want in your corner.

11. Jared Franklin and Peter Bash - Franklin & Bash

Jared Franklin and Peter Bash, played by teen heart throbs Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar, are best friends and law partners. One really can't be mentioned without the other. Cocky in and out of the courtroom, these two will resort to drastic measures to win their cases, usually providing a lot of entertainment along the way. Living in California, they're just as comfortable partying as they are litigating but whatever they do, they do it together.

12. Matt Murdock - Daredevil

Matt Murdock, played by Charlie Cox, is a lawyer by day and a vigilante by night. Blinded in a car accident as a child, his other senses are heightened and he uses them to make his way through life. Though he often takes the law into his own hands, he has strict morals and believes in law and justice.

13. The Lawyer - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

There are actually two attorneys in the above picture – on the right, the Lawyer as he's come to be known and in the middle, Jack Kelly, Charlie's incompetant uncle. Because of the gang's hijinks they are frequently in need of them both. The Lawyer, played by Brian Unger, used to be an unwilling participant in the groups antics, now he seeks them out for the sole purpose of defeating them in any way he can. He recently came out on the bad end of a case in which Charlie successfully argued a bird law defense.

14. Saul Goodman - Better Call Saul

We first met Saul, portrayed brilliantly by James Morgan McGill, on Breaking Bad as Walter White's attorney and eventual accomplice. He now stars in his own show but he's still as shady as ever. Despite his tendency towards unethical conduct, he seems to care about his clients and really want to help them.

15. Sandy Cohen - The OC

It's hard to resist Peter Gallagher and those eye brows. On The O.C. he played Sandy Cohen, everyone's favorite public defender. He's the kind of guy who'll give you somewhere warm to stay and make sure you have a smeared bagel in the morning. Sandy doesn't make much money but that's not why he's an attorney. He truly cares about people and doing what's right.

16. Ally McBeal

Calista Flockhart played Ally McBeal, a Boston attorney who is determined to find her soul mate as her biological clock ticks in the background of her mind. Ally went to Harvard Law but her legal career was mostly driven by her romantic relationships.Though she always looked great in her cute, little skirt suits, Ally constantly struggled in her quest to find love.

17. Diane Lockhart - The Good Fight

Christine Baranski kills it as Diane Lockhart. Most often the only female surrounded by male attorneys, she's fierce and demands respect. Strongly liberal, she's passionate about her political beliefs but also diplomatic and rational. She speaks her mind, argues convincingly, and always looks great doing it. She's known for her flawless fashion, statement necklaces and broaches just as much as her success in the courtroom.

18. Jessica Pearson - Suits

Jessica Pearson, played by the beautiful Gina Torres, is a Hardvard graduate and the first black woman to work as a judicial clerk in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Like Diane, she's confident, loyal and impeccably dressed. She has a strong business demeanor and is fast on her feet. Though she left Suits at the end of Season 6, the writers left the door open for her return and fans hope that's exactly what happens.

19. Mitchell Pritchett - Modern Family

Mitchell Prichett isn't your typical, egotistical, power-hungry attorney. Played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Mitchell is smart but timid and extremely professional. He tends to shy away from confrontation except when his family pushes him to the brink. Nonetheless, he's quick to help them out when they're in a bind, often providing impromptu legal advice and representation.

20. Delia Banai - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

Delia is a divorce attorney, portrayed by Necar Zadagen, who struggles with finding a balance between work and life. This resulted in anuntraditional, strained relationship that ended bacly. At work, she's fearless and speaks her mind, often embellishing her legal advice with hyperbolic language. Similar to Ms. Lockhart and Ms. Pearson, she is stylish and dresses to impress.

21. Jack Stone - The Night Of

John Torturro stepped into some big shoes to play Jack Stone. James Gandolfini intiially had the role before Robert De Niro took over after his surpsingly death. Torturro replaced De Niro and may have won the role of his life. Stone is an alleged "bottom feeder" hunting for clients in New York City when he comes across a college student accused of murder. For some reason he is compelled to represent him despite the fact that he may be in over his head.

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