23 'Ships Of 2018 That Need To Crash

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Another batch of 12 months has elapsed once again and, along with a lot of other things, there are a few relationships on TV birthed at some point this year that we desperately want to see expire along with the year 2018.  

Everyone enjoys a good love story, at whatever stage it is, but there are some couples who have done their best to make watching them and following their romance a painful experience, much less rooting for them. Not all on this list were that bad, some of them made the cut for vastly different reasons.

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Basically, this is our hit list of the 'ships we'd wish out of existence if we had a magic wand that bestowed reality-altering powers. So, here is our shortlist comprised of both fledgling and established 'Ships of 2018 we'd love to see wrecked.

As always, don't forget to chime in with your choice lovebirds of the year that you'd rather see apart than together. 

1. Nick and Kayla (Tell me A Story)

Nick and Kayla (Tell me A Story)
Another case in a long line of others that romanticize Student/Teacher relationships. Yes, they have chemistry and, yes, they are ridiculously attractive, but we don't want to see any more of that simply because the power dynamic is so lopsided, and the relationship predatory. He is literally the Wolf to her Little Red Riding Hood. Kayla probably needs to start dating guys her age, and Nick should find someone appropriate to have shower sex with.

2. Bellamy and Echo (The 100)

Bellamy and Echo (The 100)
This relationship was clearly borne out of their prolonged confinement in space, and the inevitable dearth of dating options that followed. Bellamy couldn't stand Echo when they left, what with her murdering his girlfriend, and then trying to murder his sister and whatnot. However, the next time we see them in a scene together he's jamming his tongue down her throat. The time jump didn't help, but they never bothered showing us why we should care about them after the fact. If the whole point of pairing them up is for the shock value alone, then they definitely succeeded because they had a lot of people reaching for a bucket to throw up in.

3. Will and Natalie (Chicago Med)

Will and Natalie (Chicago Med)
How did this relationship survive so long that they're planning on getting married? They're constantly at each other's throats over the most trivial things, and we've rarely seen them as a genuinely happy couple anywhere that isn't a hospital. Thankfully, Will was whisked away and put in witness protection before the wedding could happen, and hopefully, it never does. This may be wishful thinking, but if cupid truly has everyone's best interest at heart, he'll pump so many of his arrows into them once again, and point them in the direction of different people.

4. John and Clarice (The Gifted)

John and Clarice (The Gifted)
It was only a season ago that these two had such sizzling chemistry but for reasons, it's all gone now. We'll take a wild guess and say it's because of the secrets they're keeping from each other, and the fact that they can't spend a minute in a room together without getting into an argument and trading jabs, mostly about John's refusal to let go of the past. And lest you forget, these two were initially forced together after Sonya mind-raped Clarice by implanting her (Sonya's) memories with John into Clarice's mind. So, they never had a solid foundation, to begin with.

5. Daya and Daddy (Orange is the New Black)

Daya and Daddy (Orange is the New Black)
While Daddy isn't as terrible a person as she wants people to believe, she was the one who got Daya hooked on drugs and then continued to facilitate her addiction. For that reason, it'll be preferable if these two called it quits because the impressionable Daya is only going to go further down this rabbit hole that'll only end in tragedy.

6. Ruzek and Upton (Chicago P.D)

Ruzek and Upton (Chicago P.D)
No one will consider Ruzek a Cassanova, but that guy can't maintain a relationship if his life depended on it. He has burned through more romantic interests than anyone else we know, and you kind of get the feeling the same fate awaits his relationship with Upton which, by the way, pretty much came out of nowhere. In addition, he still has eyes for Burgess, and no one wants a relationship in which only one partner is a hundred percent in. That isn't fair to Upton who would've made more sense with Halstead. And with his track record, it'll be best they have Ruzek pick his next flavor of the month from somewhere other than his workplace. That'll save him a lot of awkwardness when it all goes pear-shaped.

7. Stella and Severide (Chicago Fire)

Stella and Severide (Chicago Fire)
They are one of the worst couples around. There is no chemistry. They are not believable at all as a couple. They are better as friends, there is no spark or romance between them. Break them up!

8. Sypha and Alucard or Trevor (Castlevania)

Sypha and Alucard or Trevor (Castlevania)
In spite of their constant bickering and exchange of jabs, these three slowly but surely became a cohesive monster-killing machine. Naturally, Sypha shared a few cute moments with both companions that hinted at something more brewing beneath the surface, but we'd rather it doesn't result in much. Their dynamic as a creature-slaying trio of misfits is the most enjoyable part of the whole show, and we wouldn't trade it for anything.

9. Stan and Angel (Pose)

Stan and Angel (Pose)
Angel is a fabulous transgender woman who has taught Stan a few important lessons during their time together, but their relationship started out as an affair, and that is not something we can get behind. Above everything else, Stan has done absolutely nothing to deserve a woman like her, and we hope her rejection of him in the first season finale sticks.

10. Fiona and Ford (Shameless)

Fiona and Ford (Shameless)
Every one of Fiona's previous boyfriends had a massive secret he kept from her, except for that dude she married rather impulsively whose name we can't remember. Relatively, Ford's case isn't that bad, but that doesn't make him any less of a liar. He's definitely the most hypocritical, and he's constantly dampening the enthusiasm Fiona has for her (sometimes ill-advised) investments.

11. Jason and Tahani (The Good Place)

Jason and Tahani (The Good Place)
Wishing Jason and Tahani go their separate ways is a bit selfish on our part because there is nothing particularly bad about them. The only reason we desire to see them break up is so Jason can get back together with Janet. They were by far the best couple back when they were in the fake good place. Also, how evil does one have to be to not want Janet to find some happiness? She literally started to glitch from all those repressed feelings, and we think a massive catharsis is long overdue.

12. Joe and Candace (YOU)

Joe and Candace (YOU)
When Joe has a crush on you, a timer somewhere starts counting down to the moment he'll finally do something terrible to you over a minor disagreement or, worse still, when you guys inevitably break up. So, it was a shocking turn when Candace turned up in the bookstore after everyone assumed Joe did her in a while back, but it also begs the question: Why?. She's either as crazy as he is to walk back into his life or she's just dumb as hell. Either way, this is not gonna end well for her. She should ask Beck how these things end. Oh, Wait!

13. Jane and Ben or Pinstripe (The Bold Type)

Jane and Ben or Pinstripe (The Bold Type)
Either of these two is a 'ship we can get behind, which is why Jane needs to call it off with one of them because they're both great and don't deserve to be taken for a ride. Ben represents stability and commitment which can be seen as a bit boring by some while Pinstripe, even if a little flighty, brings excitement and pushes Jane out of her comfort zone. We'll just have to wait and see who she chooses. We're fine with either choice, but we definitely don't want a love triangle.

14. Lyn and Johnny (Vida)

Lyn and Johnny (Vida)
What will it take for Johnny to finally grow a spine and cut Lyn off for good? He has tried to do so many times, but, predictably finds himself falling back into old habits the moment she "innocently" jogs by his house in tight leggings. Dude! you've got a pregnant wife and an ailing father. That is enough to deal with without throwing into the equation a walking dumpster fire like Lyn. Yeah, she may be hot but she is chaos on a level you haven't seen before.

15. Rafe and Hope (Days Of Our Lives)

Rafe and Hope (Days Of Our Lives)
For reasons we don't understand, these two are still going strong even if it is clear to every other person that they have no business staying together. There is nothing positive about their relationship, and it seems the writers aren't interested in making their relationship seem even a little bit healthy for anyone of them. They have zero chemistry and only ever seem to be on the same page when it comes to abusing their power as officers of the law.

16. Jughead and Betty (Riverdale)

Jughead and Betty (Riverdale)
It says a lot that these two are, save for Cheryl and Toni, the most stable couple in Riverdale, but they have become so boring to watch, and every note their relationship hits feels like something you've seen a thousand times before. That spark they had is nowhere to be found, and all we're left with is a desire to nod off anytime they're on screen together. It was fun while it lasted, but it's time to mix things up a bit. Hell, have them both stay single for a while. That'll be a change of pace for a show like Riverdale where everyone and his dog seems to be in a relationship.

17. Tess and Jake (Sweetbitter)

Tess and Jake (Sweetbitter)
The struggles of scaling the trial week should still be fresh in Tess' mind. Back when she arrived as a doe-eyed girl having trouble adjusting to her new, fast-paced environment. But for reasons best known to her, she decided to sleep with the one co-worker, Will, who had her back from the beginning, then jump on to the next hot co-worker, Jake. But unlike Will, Jake comes with a lot of baggage and entanglements, not least of which is his history with the queen bee of all waiters -- Simone. The one thing Howard always emphasizes on is a drama-free workplace which Tess' and Jake's connection is throwing in jeopardy.

18. Casey and Evan (Atypical)

Casey and Evan (Atypical)
This is the only couple that we'd have stay together for the rest of time if we could. Evan has barely put a foot wrong since they started dating and they're so cute together, but Casey and her new BFF Izzie have grown really close, and it's clear what they feel isn't strictly platonic. There is always room for more stories about self-discovery on TV. Besides that, Casey and Evan's sex life is the only aspect of their relationship that has left her unsatisfied and no one deserves that. Further exploration of who she is as a person and what she wants can only happen when Evan is out of the way.

19. Manfred and Patience (Midnight, Texas)

Manfred and Patience (Midnight, Texas)
Manfred jumped into bed with Patience the moment Creek left town, but the affair had none of the magnetism of forbidden romances we've seen elsewhere. What started out as just a good ol' affair turned creepy in the blink of an eye when it was revealed Patience wants to use Manfred as the host for her evil twin's spirit. Of all the people she could use, she went with the one person she's slept with multiple times. They just had to make it weird.

20. Lizzie and M.G (Legacies)

Lizzie and M.G (Legacies)
Lizzie is a terrible person. There, we said it. She is incredibly self-absorbed and nobody's feelings matter but hers. M.G also needs to open his eyes and see that his feelings aren't reciprocated which means it's time to move on, brother. Let's face it, it's not going to be that hard to find better options than Lizzie. Just look for anyone that isn't a black hole of emotions, and you'll be fine.

21. Eddie and Delilah (A Million Little Things)

Eddie and Delilah (A Million Little Things)
Another affair this year that we could really do without right now. Add to that the fact that one of their spouses may have figured it out before committing suicide due to reasons that may or may not be related to said discovery. A lot of time and effort has gone into trying to make us like them together. They even threw in a pregnancy for added effect, but it just isn't working because everything about this relationship feels wrong.

22. Jennifer and Khalil (Black Lightning)

Jennifer and Khalil (Black Lightning)
Jen and Painkiller, get it? PAINkiller, because his surname is Payne? While we appreciate the attempt at wordplay, Khalil is still bad news. Jennifer is currently at her most volatile, and therefore at her most dangerous, and right now what she needs is a stable environment where she can learn to control her powers properly. Basically, what her parents were doing before she ran away with Khalil, her supposed ride-or-die. You aren't done with high school yet, maybe you should ride or die for that first, not going on the run and committing multiple felonies with your wannabe gangster boyfriend.

23. Star and Jackson (Star)

Star and Jackson (Star)
Who knew Star's "Madonna" video will blow up so spectacularly in her face? Jackson is the only relatively stable guy she's been with, and if he feels he doesn't want to keep the relationship going after it turned out the baby wasn't his, then he is free to move on. Besides, Star never appreciated him enough when they were together, and he deserves someone who isn't prone to pushing the self-destruct button everytime things go south.

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