23 TV Shows You MUST Watch This Season

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You may not know what you want to watch next, so we're going to help you out.

Although winter has only just begun, there are new and returning series popping up all over the place; a whopping 38 that haven't already aired during the fall of 2016 at first glance.

Now, we're not going to recommend them all, nor are we going to tip our hats to those that already have reviews on the site, such as Grimm, Emerald City and Bones.

But, if you've been wondering about what lies ahead, this is at least a start about some of the more intriguing entries that you should be keeping an eye on as the months progress.

1. New and Returning Shows

New and Returning Shows
There are so many new and returning shows, and these are the ones that stand out of the crowd. If we didn't get what you're looking forward to seeing, hit us up in the comments. We may or may not be covering it. We'll let you know!

2. Taboo - FX - Jan. 10 @ 10pm

Taboo - FX - Jan. 10 @ 10pm
the character of James Keziah Delaney is an early 19th Century adventurer created by series star Tom Hardy and his father, and Taboo will tell the story of Delaney's return to civilization after years in the wilds of Africa. Expect a supernatural bent. And lots of Tom Hardy. Did we mention Tom Hardy?

3. Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce - Bravo - Jan. 11 @ 10pm

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce - Bravo - Jan. 11 @ 10pm
With the return of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3, the women deal with redefining themselves while experiencing significant changes in their personal and professional lives. We know it will be crazy, sexy and fun.

4. Colony - USA - Jan. 12 @ 10pm

Colony - USA - Jan. 12 @ 10pm
When Colony Season 2 airs, near-future Los Angeles is still under the control of alien invaders, and while the secrets are out about what Will and Katie are willing to do on opposite sides to get their son back, working in the moral gray areas means the future of their family is still in jeapoardy.

5. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events - Netflix - January, Friday the 13

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events - Netflix - January, Friday the 13
Neil Patrick Harris plays Count Olaf, Patrick Warburton narrates as Lemony Snicket and you'll be tucked in for the entire weekend binge watching this one.

6. Homeland - Showtime - Jan. 15 @ 9pm

Homeland - Showtime - Jan. 15 @ 9pm
Saying you MUST watch Homeland is like saying you must watch this train wreck and then stick around while they dig for bodies. But, if I watched the premiere, you should, too, just to form your own opinion. You want Quinn's fate, right? And what's become of Carrie? Oh, you'll get it!

7. The Young Pope - HBO - Jan. 15 @ 10pm

The Young Pope - HBO - Jan. 15 @ 10pm
The first American Pope, Lenny Belardo, has renamed himself Pope Pius XIII, walks in the shadows, and may not even believe in God. So is the satire starring Jude Law and Diane Keaton. It won't be for everybody, but it sure is interesting!

8. Scandal - ABC - Jan. 19 @ 9pm

Scandal - ABC - Jan. 19 @ 9pm
Olivia Pope is running Mellie's presidential campaign? Absolutely. This will be far better than the real thing, and watching more of these two women together is what we've wanted all along.

9. The Magicians - Syfy - Jan. 25 @ 9pm

The Magicians - Syfy - Jan. 25 @ 9pm
When The Magicians returns, the students of Fillory discover that those who leave are never quite the same as when they arrived, all while they fight to preserve the magical world relying upon only their novice skills.

10. Riverdale - The CW - Jan. 26 @ 9pm

Riverdale - The CW - Jan. 26 @ 9pm
There's a hint of murder, some love, friendship and a lot of teenage angst found in Riverdale. With quirky music and voiceovers courtesy of Jughead, it may sound similar to Gossip Girl or Twin Peaks. Or, that could be due to Mädchen Amick's presence, who stars in all three.

11. The 100 - The CW - Feb. 1 @ 9pm

The 100 - The CW - Feb. 1 @ 9pm
Clarke and Bellamy ride again! That's the word on The 100 Season 4, at least, and definitely something we want to see.

12. Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix - Feb. 3

Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix - Feb. 3
Drew Barrymore makes her first television series appearance as a wife and mother in need of a change. She probably didn't expect what she gets, but it's refreshingly hilarious considering the subject matter isn't fresh at all. Timothy Olyphant as her husband is her perfect match and in rare, and unique, form.

13. 24: Legacy - FOX - Feb. 5 @ 9pm

24: Legacy - FOX - Feb. 5 @ 9pm
Starring the charismatic Corey Hawkins as a retired soldier who was part of the unit who killed Osama Bin Laden and reluctantly, but whole-heartedly steps into the shoes of a hero once again when needed, Legacy is a worthy revival.

14. Legion - FX - Feb. 8 @ 10pm

Legion - FX - Feb. 8 @ 10pm
Fargo's Noah Hawley is bringing Legion to FX. Legion stems from a Marvel comic book series, is related to the X-Men universe and stars Dan Stevens (of Downton Abbey fame) and Aubrey Plaza (from Parks and Rec). We're kinda sold.

15. Girls - HBO - Feb. 12 @ 10pm

Girls - HBO - Feb. 12 @ 10pm
You guys, we're going into the final season of Girls. Season 5 was quite the improvement over other seasons and included a lot of growth for everyone except – and I'll say it – Marnie. Now rumors are flying – and with the photographic evidence as seen above and in other photos cavorting and leaning on Adam are hard to dispute – Hannah is either pregnant or preparing for an acting gig in which she plays a pregnant girl. Ha. We're ready to see how our favorite gals end all of this.

16. Big Little Lies - HBO - Feb. 19 @ 9pm

Big Little Lies - HBO - Feb. 19 @ 9pm
Based upon the book by Liane Moriarty, this one is bringing some heavy hitters to HBO, including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley as three moms who make friends taking their kids to school then find themselves in a speck of trouble.

17. The Good Fight - CBS All Access - Feb. 19 @ 10pm

The Good Fight - CBS All Access - Feb. 19 @ 10pm
The continuation of The Good Wife focuses on Diane Lockhart after a scandale forces her out of her own firm, and she partners with her niece Maia and Lucca Quinn. We wanted our female-driven spinoff, and we got it. This one also promises to be racier.

18. Bates Motel - A&E - Feb. 20 @ 10pm

Bates Motel - A&E - Feb. 20 @ 10pm
Norman's story may be only beginning, but it's coming to an end as the fifth and final season of Bates Motel begins, with Rhianna guest starring for a very famous shower scene you may recall. At least that's the rumor.

19. Taken - NBC - Feb. 27 @ 10pm

Taken - NBC - Feb. 27 @ 10pm
If you enjoyed watching Liam Neeson in the Taken movies using all those mad skills he talked about obtaining years ago in some mysterious manner, well now you'll get your chance to find out HOW he obtained them. But this time, Viking Clive Standen will be starring as Bryan Mills.

20. Underground - WGN America - Mar. 8 @ 10pm

Underground - WGN America - Mar. 8 @ 10pm
The second season, according to WGN America, will be set in the aftermath of the Macon 7’s daring attempt to stage the greatest escape in history, this group of American heroes continues on their harrowing journey to freedom, with legendary abolitionist Harriet Tubman blazing the trail.

21. The Americans - FX - March

The Americans - FX - March
This one doesn't have a premiere date, but with the Russians profilerating our real lives everyday, won't it be fun to go back to the good ol' day of the Soviet Union and KGB spies? And who would have guessed waiting on what's next with Paige's storyline would really be a thing?

22. Famous In Love - Freeform - Apr. 18 @ 9pm

Famous In Love - Freeform - Apr. 18 @ 9pm
Yes, with Pretty Little Liars coming to an end (and premiering on this same date), we admit being morbidly curious about this Bella Thorne starring vehicle. And who hasn't wondered what their live might be like if they'd answered an open casting call and gotten the part?

23. The Originals - The CW - Mar. 17 @ 9pm

The Originals - The CW - Mar. 17 @ 9pm
With the end of The Vampires stampeding towards us, The Originals premiere means even more. Especially since Alaric will be on the premiere, delivering a gift to Elijah. Will anyone from TVD move to New Orleans permanently? Will The Originals survive beyond Season 4? It's an important premiere.

24. The Handmaid's Tale - Hulu - Apr. 26

The Handmaid's Tale - Hulu - Apr. 26
Elizabeth Moss has been brilliantly cast as Offred in Hulu's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's book about a dystopian future America (renamed Gilead) ini which women are subjugated and little more than vessels to carry out tasks for men, including childbearing. Can. Not. Wait.

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