27 Marvelous Men of Summer TV

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We've already taken a look at the hot women of summer TV, and now it's time to peer into the dreamy eyes of the other sex.

What marvelous men are heating up the small screen?

We're glad you asked. 

Take a look below and let us know who else you're excited to see competing with the brilliant rays of the summer sun.

1. Tommy Dewey - Casual

Dewey stars as Alex Cole on Casual now, but he previously had roles on both Code Black and The Mindy Project. This talented guy also created two other TV series, Sons of Tucson and Now We're Talking. Yes, we are! About you, Mr. Dewey.

2. Ben Robson - Animal Kingdom

It's hard picking just one hottie from Animal Kingdom. But, we're going with Robson who plays Craig Cody. This tall drink of water is a 6'3" Englishman from Buckinghamshire. So hiding inside there is an accent. That's probably what he used in his role as Kalf on Vikings. Sigh.

3. Frank Grillo - Kingdom

Another show that showers us with beefy goodness making it impossible to pick just one...well, I just picked the "elder" of the bunch because if aging is this easy, we'd all want to do it. I've been a Grillo fan since he was on Guiding Light and totally dig his Purge work. He's a warrior!

4. Charles Esten - Nashville

Did you know Charles Esten was on The Office, ER and Big Love? I sure didn't. He's making the list because of that sultry smile. Can you even imagine not smiling back? Dang.

5. Harry Shum Jr. - Shadowhunters

Sorry, Mike Chang on Glee. You never had the swagger that Magnus does. Shum moved up in the world as a sexy and intriguing character that is so cool he's also known as half of Malec.

6. Jon-Michael Ecker - Queen of the South

What a shame it would have been if this Narcos and Gossip Girl actor had never come back to Queen of the South. His return was a welcome twist. What a face!

7. Anthony Lemke - Dark Matter

Lemke doesn't only have a theater degree that has served him well on shows like Dark Matter and Good Witch, but he also has a degree in two different types of law and taught a year of English in Prague. He has a beautiful mind, too!

8. Alan Ritchson - Blood Drive

Ritchson has been a part of everything from Smallville to the Hunger Games, and it's no wonder. He has classic movie star looks. He could easily sink right into a movie from the 1940s or 1950s and you'd never know he didn't belong.

9. Kofi Siriboe - Queen Sugar

You have to wonder if they named the character Ralph ANGEL as an after thought because Kofi Siriboe is so dreamy. Before Queen Sugar he had roles in Awkward, Straight Outta Compton and Whiplash. This guy's going far, we think.

10. JR Lemon - The Night Shift

Lemon has been a standout on The Night Shift since the series began. Not only is he a terrific Tweeter, but he stood up for all nurses as his character, Kenny, demanded respect. We're going to remember him for a long time.

11. Nico Tortorella - Younger

Don't be shocked, but Tortorella was a Ford model. Right?? The Chicago native fell into acting in 2009 with ABC Family's Make It or Break It and the CW flop, The Beautiful Life, and made it onto The Following. Who cares about what was? He found the perfect role on Younger as Josh.

12. James Wolk - Zoo

James Wolk is a seriously beautiful man. Not many can pull off scruffy with a suit and still look sweet and kind. Wolk can! Whether playing Bob on Mad Men or wacky Jackson on Zoo, he has just off the runway looks to get him through the tough times.

13. Luke Macfarlane - Killjoys

Macfarlane has some of the most devoted fans in the business. That could be why he's on not one, not two, but three series in 2017, including two this summer alone! He has a killer body, a killer smile and is incredibly comfortable with his sexuality. Talk about a winning trifecta!

14. Laurie Davidson - Will

Before becoming William Shakespeare, Davidson had one credit. Hw was an uncredited Party Host in Vampire Academy. Well, this guy who reminds me a lot of Jakob Dylan of The Wallflowers is about to either make it or break it. Can that face pull off a young Will S.? Looks good to me!

15. Gabriel Macht - Suits

Macht has been playing Harvey Specter for years, but did you know he was also, briefly, a child actor? In fact, he was so good in the one film he did in 1980 that he was nominated for a Young Artist Award. He didn't kick the bug and returned to acting in the 90s. I can't believe I missed him as Naked Guy on Spin City! Talented, gorgeous. He fills all of our boxes.

16. Keegan-Michael Key - Friends From College

Incredibly attractive with a kick ass sense of humor to boot? Not to mention a seemingly unending pool of talent. I'd like all of the hours available to watch Key on the small screen.

17. Peter Dinklage - Game of Thrones

With his piercing, but compassionate eyes, Dinklage immediately struck gold as Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones. But it wasn't the first time his special combination of charm and talent won us over. Remember the movie The Station Agent?

18. Ryan Phillippe - Shooter

Sure, it's hard with a name like Bob Lee Swagger to come out shooting, but that's his job! Phillippe had us long before this role, though. Cruel Intentions, I Know What You Did Last Summer...and those lips...

19. Devon Sawa - Somewhere Between

It's about time Mr. Sawa gets back to TV. He's been MIA on the small screen since Nikita in 2013. Not cool. I'm still not sure of his role on this ABC summer outing, but anything that brings back the guy whose style makes me watch Final Destination over and over and over is welcome!

20. Matt Bomer - The Last Tycoon

Nobody cares how or why Bomer makes it back to TV, as long as he does. What was it that even started the Bomer craze? I don't think it was his role on Guiding Light that I watched. Was it Tru Calling? Chuck? White Collar? Hot, hot, hot!!

21. Dylan Bruce - Midnight, Texas

Bruce has become one of our favorites. He's not only hot as hades, but he's kind and always willing to talk to fans at events. Does it get any hotter than that? No. You cannot keep a good man down. My personal favorite is his half smile. Mmm hmmm.

22. Garret Dillahunt - The Guest Book

Remember when Dillahunt was a terminator on the Sarah Connor Chronicles? He was brilliant as the confused being on that series, and he turned up his comedic skills on Raising Hope and The Mindy Project. Expect even more giggles from him in the upcoming series. He can make us laugh anytime.

23. Liev Schrieber - Ray Donovan

The booming voice, the brooding demeanor. Hey, Ray, it's summer! The latest promo is kind of frightening. Either Ray is out of his mind or he's trying very hard to convince himself of something. Maybe a little of both. I just hope he takes his shirt off a lot trying to satisfy Abs.

24. Mike Colter - Marvel's The Defenders

The hunka hunka Mike Colter has been wowing us for a long time, but his spin on The Good Wife made us realize how hard it was to turn a blind eye to the bad boy. Now he's just strong, reliable and kicking ass. Whew. No need to turn any eyes anymore.

25. Lee Pace - Halt and Catch Fire

This movie star sometimes graces us with his presence on TV, and he'll be finishing up the last season of Halt and Catch Fire this summer. Oh how I'll miss his brilliance, his deeply emotional connection the character Joe MacMillan when it's all over. The conflict on his face, the wardrobe, moving easily from ball caps to tailored suits. Ahhhh.

26. Eric Dane - The Last Ship

Dane is as steamy on The Last Ship as he ever was on Grey's Anatomy. Maybe more, if we're being honest. Can the same be said about a doctor's coat as a man in uniform?

27. Matt LeBlanc - Episodes

What? Joey Tribbiani is still hot? Yes, he is, and he's much funnier on Episodes than he is on Man with a Plan, so be sure to check into the final season when it airs on Showtime this summer. You won't believe what he gets caught doing...live...on video...

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