27 of our Favorite Out and Proud LGBTQ 'Ships

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Pride month may have come to an end, but pride itself is something that's celebrated year round. There's an endless amount of m/m and f/f relationships on television we're dying to see, and while some of them, unfortunately, don't become canon, there are some amazing ones that do.

In honor of another awesome pride month, we decided to take a look at 27 of our favorite LGBT+ ships!

1. Callie and Arizona - Grey's Anatomy

Callie and Arizona - Grey's Anatomy
Callie and Arizona were almost like star-crossed lovers. So many different things were thrown their way but their love for each other was the one thing that kept them going. They were the couple we were all rooting for, and seeing them live their lives together was incredibly satisfying. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned and it all proved to be too much when they end up getting a divorce. But we'll be on team Calzona always and forever.

2. Cheryl and Toni - Riverdale

Cheryl and Toni - Riverdale
Cheryl and Toni was the relationship we were all hoping for ever since it was revealed that Vanessa Morgan would be joining the show for Season 2. Cheryl finally has someone who cares for her unconditionally and would do just about anything to keep her happy and safe. Toni's dashing rescue to break Cheryl out of conversion therapy followed by their epic kiss was the best scene in Riverdale to date.

3. Magnus and Alec - Shadowhunters

Magnus and Alec - Shadowhunters
I can't even begin to explain just how amazing Malec is. If you haven't heard of them (which is unlikely) let's just say they're one of the most epic couples currently on television. Despite Magnus being a warlock and Alec being a Shadowhunter, they refuse to let anything keep them apart. Both characters and their love for each other is breathtaking, and if you haven't heard...they're one of the reasons we need to #SaveShadowhunters.

4. Max and Anne - Black Sails

Max and Anne - Black Sails
Max and Anne definitely had a complicated relationship full of ups and downs. Their feelings for each other were always an important aspect of the series and Max ended up realizing that Anne was the most important thing in her life. Sadly, their endgame was left ambiguous but we find it hard to believe that these two won't find their way back to each other.

5. Kat and Adena - The Bold Type

Kat and Adena - The Bold Type
Kat and Adena are literally relationship goals. Kat couldn't get Adena out of her head from the moment they met, which helped her realized a lot about herself and her sexuality. Adena's morals and strong spirit are what attracted Kat to her in the first place and they click on every single level. Their time apart left them both miserable, and the showed proved that they're stronger together.

6. Amy and Karma - Faking It

Amy and Karma - Faking It
Amy and Karma are one of those relationships that could've had it all if the series went on. While Amy realized she was in love with her best friend from the moment they first kissed, Karma still had a lot of figuring it out to do. If we had just a little more time, Karmy may have finally made it work, but unfortunately, the show was canceled before we could see it happen.

7. Brittany and Santana - Glee

Brittany and Santana - Glee
It was quite a ride with these two but we couldn't have asked for a better ending. Santana always had feelings for Brittany, and while Brittany loved her, it took a few seasons for them to finally start a relationship. It was a long journey, but their double wedding with Kurt and Blaine made it worth the wait!

8. Cam and Mitchell - Modern Family

Cam and Mitchell - Modern Family
Is it even possible not to love these two? Cameron and Mitchell are one of the best parts of Modern Family and bring something extremely special to the show. Their relationship is both hilarious and endearing, and their love for each other knows no bounds. They are a great comedic duo in love and we couldn't have asked for a better couple than them.

9. Danny and Ethan - Teen Wolf

Danny and Ethan - Teen Wolf
Danny and Ethan would definitely be in the running for the Beacon Hill's cutest couple award. Although the relationship started off a little tough with Ethan being a werewolf and all, it was later revealed that Danny had been aware of his secret for who know's how long. These two were absolutely adorable together, and while they were forced to break up when Ethan left town after the death of his brother, they will always have a special place in each other's hearts.

10. Emily and Naomi - Skins

Emily and Naomi - Skins
Emily and Naomi had been friends ever since they were kids. It may have taken a while for Naomi to finally admit her feelings to Emily, but once she realized she had been in love with Emily ever since they were 12 the two started a relationship. The show should have just let them have their happy ending, but they were brought back in the final season only for Naomi to be diagnosed with a terminal disease.

11. Brook and Poussey - Orange is the New Black

Brook and Poussey - Orange is the New Black
Brook and Poussey were a couple that just deserved better. Poussey was always looking out for Brooke and even saved her life when she ended up overdosing on Benadryl. They always wanted was best for each other and their relationship was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, it came to a tragic when Poussey was killed by a police offer in the fourth season. And yes, we're still bitter.

12. Connor and Oliver - How to Get Away With Murder

Connor and Oliver - How to Get Away With Murder
Oliver was like a bright spot in Connor's life that slowly melted his cold exterior. Although there are always problems to overcome on a show like HTGAWM, these two continue to persevere. Connor and Oliver are currently engaged and we can't wait to see what next season has in store for them.

13. Waverly and Nicole - Wynonna Earp

Waverly and Nicole - Wynonna Earp
These two are the definition of adorable. They're already the two cutest people in Purgatory, and when you put them together it's almost too much to handle. Their love for each other is wholesome and pure and whether they just stub their toe or get attacked by a demon, Nicole and Waverly always look out for each other.

14. Susan and Carol - F. R. I. E. N. D. S.

Susan and Carol - F. R. I. E. N. D. S.
Susan and Carol feel like one of the most underrated relationships on the popular sitcom. After discovering that she's a lesbian, Carol divorces Ross in order to pursue a relationship with Susan. Even though Carol is having Ross' baby, Susan supports her fully and treats the baby as her own. These two were honestly one of the best relationships on F. R. I. E. N. D. S. and their love and dedication to each other is something that the show too often overlooked.

15. Cosima and Delphine - Orphan Black

Cosima and Delphine - Orphan Black
These two were just always meant to be. They matched on every level both emotionally and intellectually and their chemistry was undeniable from the very first time they met. There was nothing that Cosima and Delphine's love couldn't conquer and it's obvious that these two will be together forever.

16. Even and Isak - Skam

Even and Isak - Skam
Even and Isak were the main couple on Skam's third season. And let's just say they are absolutely precious. It did take a little bit for the two to finally be honest about their feelings for each other, but when they were one of Skam's best relationships blossomed. Skam blessed us with this amazing endgame and the two were seen planning a trip together to Morocco.

17. Eretria and Lyria - The Shannara Chronicles

Eretria and Lyria - The Shannara Chronicles
Eretria and Lyria were one of the best things to come out of Shannara Season 2. Eretria had been on her own for so long and she finally found someone who would follow her anywhere. They were an adorable surprise after the time jump and we couldn't have been happier that Eretria finally found love after all the pain.

18. Lito and Hernando - Sense8

Lito and Hernando - Sense8
There were way too many amazing couples in Sense8 to count, but Lito and Hernando were one of the purest relationships we have ever seen. Who could forget when Lito called Hernando over his lost flip-flop? Their love for each other is completely unconditional and true happiness for them is simply having the other at their side.

19. Kurt and Blaine - Glee

Kurt and Blaine - Glee
Kurt and Blaine were the endgame that we all deserved. Kurt went through life never thinking that he'd find someone he could spend his life with, but then Blaine came along and changed everything. Whether they were onstage or offstage, these two were absolute magic together and we couldn't be happier with their ending.

20. Emily and Alison - Pretty Little Liars

Emily and Alison - Pretty Little Liars
It may have taken a while, but Emison fans finally got the ending they deserved when Pretty Little Liars wrapped its final season. Emily was in love with Ali from the very beginning, and after going through quite a good amount of character development Alison finally became a person who was worthy of Emily's love. The last we saw of them they were engaged to be married, proving that love truly does conquer all.

21. Stef and Lena - The Fosters

Stef and Lena - The Fosters
Stef and Lena are just that couple that everyone loves. I mean, how could you not? These two always put their best foot forward and brought nothing but love and compassion to their ever-growing family. Their tenderness with each other and devotion to their kids created the kind of marriage that everyone strives to have.

22. Tony and Caleb - 13 Reasons Why

Tony and Caleb - 13 Reasons Why
While we haven't seen too much of them yet, what we have seen we've absolutely LOVED. Tony is always taking care of others and it's time that someone takes care of him in return. All throughout the season, Caleb has offered Tony his unconditional support and been his much-needed shoulder to cry on. Thank goodness that these two found each other.

23. Alex and Maggie - Supergirl

Alex and Maggie - Supergirl
Alex and Maggie brought Supergirl to a whole other level. Alex's coming out story was beyond touching and her friendship and eventual relationship with Maggie quickly became one of the highlights of the series. Even though Sanvers ending up calling off their engagement due to the fact that Alex wanted children and Maggie didn't, we'll always be rooting for a reunion between these two soulmates.

24. Clarke and Lexa - The 100

Clarke and Lexa - The 100
Clarke and Lexa didn't start off as the best of friends. However, the two eventually put aside their differences and realized how much they had in common when they formed an alliance to fight a common enemy. Lexa fell for Clarke hard, and while Clarke had a hard time getting past Lexa's betrayal at Mount Weather, she eventually learned to trust Lexa again. The two end up forming a strong connection that ended far too quickly with Lexa's death in Season 3. Clarke did however, get a chance to tell Lexa that she loved her when they saw each other for the last time in the City of Light.

25. Mickey and Ian - Shameless

Mickey and Ian - Shameless
Mickey and Ian started off the show as enemies. Neither of them had it easy growing up and they both had their fair share of difficulties to deal with. It did take a little while, but the two eventually realized their feelings for each other and started a relationship that we'll always hold close to our hearts.

26. Nomi and Amanita - Sense8

Nomi and Amanita - Sense8
There isn't a single thing that these two wouldn't do for each other. Nomi and Amanita love each other unconditionally and have proven countless times throughout the series that they're each other's first priorities. Amanita always supported Nomi fully and without question and Nomi offered her the same in return. There is absolutely no doubt that Nomanita is mean to be.

27. Willow and Tara - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Willow and Tara - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy's Willow and Tara are still a groundbreaking relationship to this very day. They were one of the first w/w relationships on mainstream TV and the actress' depiction of Willow and Tara's romance was extremely important to a lot of fans. It was impossible not to want happiness for these two, and Tara's death is something that we will never get over.

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