27 OTPs From the 2000s

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Every shipper's journey starts somewhere, and if you grew up in the 2000s, you had quite a few OTPs to start you down the rabbit hole. 

Networks like Disney Channel and Nickelodeon may have been a combination of children's sitcoms, but there was always that one relationship you were rooting for on each series. 

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Even if you didn't realize what was happening until later in life, there's no doubt that one of these couples started it all for you.

We've put together a list below of 27 OTPs from the 2000s!

1. Robin and Starfire - Teen Titans

Robin and Starfire - Teen Titans
Who didn't ship these two? Robin and Starfire were obviously meant to be and it was impossible not to freak out whenever they shared a scene.

2. Sam and Freddie - iCarly

Sam and Freddie - iCarly
This could also go for Carly and Freddie, but there's no denying that Sam and Freddie were the real OTP of the series. It was entertaining to watch their constant bickering turn into a romance, and while it was the last thing we expected, they were a surprisingly perfect match.

3. Arnold and Helga - Hey Arnold

Arnold and Helga - Hey Arnold
Everyone knows the real reason Helga called Arnold "Football Head." Her crush on Arnold was obvious to everyone and we just wanted her to stop picking on Arnold and let him know how she felt once and for all.

4. Chase and Zoey - Zoey101

Chase and Zoey - Zoey101
Chase and Zoey were the OTP that made you either love or hate slow burns. It was an agonizing few seasons waiting for Chase to tell his best friend how he felt about her, and when he finally did he ended up in another country. But true love prevails and Zoey101 proved that sometimes it's worth the wait.

5. Lily and Oliver - Hannah Montana

Lily and Oliver - Hannah Montana
Lilypop and Olipop. Did anyone else not see this coming or was it completely obvious? But the two best friends of the protagonist turned out to be a perfect fit.

6. Alex and Mason - Wizards of Waverly Place

Alex and Mason - Wizards of Waverly Place
Alex and Mason were two pure and adorable people that deserved to be happy together. Alex had her fair share of love interests over the series, but these guys were the only ones that ever gave us the feels.

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