33 Greatest Ships in Sitcom History

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Ships exist in all kinds of genres. Dramas, thrillers, and of course comedies. 

Relationships on sitcoms can be a bit lighter than those on high stakes dramas, but that doesn't mean they can't be just as wonderful. 

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Sitcoms provide an opportunity for the characters to have fun with each other, and the audience experiences it in return. They provide a great escape for those days when you just need to smile. 

We've created a slideshow below of 33 of the greatest ships from sitcoms! 

1. Cory and Topanga - Boy Meets World

Cory and Topanga were the classic ship for anyone who grew up in the early 90s. Fans of the show were in luck when Disney created a spinoff that featured Cory and Topanga happily married with their two kids.

2. Lucy and Ricky - I Love Lucy

Lucky and Ricky were probably the purest couple of their time. Ricky dealing with Lucy's shenanigans was always hilarious to watch, and there was no doubt how much they loved each other.

3. Jim and Pam - The Office

Jim and Pam are probably one of America's favorite couples to date. Since Pam was engaged at the beginning of the show, it took them a while to finally get together, but we couldn't be happier that they did.

4. Sabrina and Harvey - Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina always belonged with Harvey and it was obvious. It's not easy being a teenage witch, but it didn't scare Harvey away from the girl that he loved.

5. Nick and Jess - New Girl

Jess started off as Nick's new quirky roommate, but he even admitted that he fell in love with her the moment she walked through the door. Nick and Jess were always there for each other and even became best friends. Ending the series with a wedding between them was the perfect way to say goodbye.

6. Rob and Laura Petrie - The Dick Van Dyke Show

Despite having a house full of kids, Rob and Laura were the most entertaining and comedic part of the series. It was hard not to have fun just watching them together.

7. Fran and Max - The Nanny

It took 5 seasons for Fran and Max to pull it together, but after years of tension, they finally realized they were meant to be and got married.

8. Monica and Chandler - Friends

Both Monica and Chandler had multiple love interests on the show, but they never really clicked with any of them. Chandler was the goofball and Monica was the perfectionist that often found him annoying. But after one hookup in another country, they couldn't stay away from each other ever again.

9. Eric and Donna - That 70's Show

Eric and Donna were the main couple on That 70's Show. No matter what other things were happening on the series, you were always concerned with their relationship. Eric and Donna were somehow extremely different and similar, and they ended up being perfect for each other.

10. Hot Lips Houlihan and Frank Burns - M*A*S*H

Margaret and Franks had a quite a while ride. Frank did some things he shouldn't have, and in return, it created an off again, on again dynamic that just couldn't work. But we still wish these two would've been able to find a way.

11. Carrie and Mr. Big - Sex and the City

Carrie and Mr. Big have one of the most complicated stories in sitcom history. They've broken up multiple times, but Carrie still spent almost the entire series being head over heels for him. Carrie eventually moves on, but Mr. Big realizes just how much he loves Carrie and refuses to give up on her.

12. Amy and Karma - Faking It

Faking It was literally just one big rom-com about Amy and Karma figuring out how in love with each other they were. We're still bitter the show got canceled before they could give their relationship a fair chance.

13. Tim and Jill - Home Improvement

Tim and Jill are the stable married couple we all need in our lives. They work hard to raise their family and manage to have fun doing it.

14. Eleanor and Chidi - The Good Place

Eleanor and Chidi have fallen in love time and time again only for the universe to wipe their memories and even place them on different sides of the world. But they're soulmates, and Chidi and Eleanor have proven that they will always find their way back to one another.

15. Jimmy and Gretchen - You're the Worst

These two are the worst together, but also kind of the best? It's crazy how we can hate and love them at the same time.

16. Holly and Vince - What I Like About You

It was a long haul for these two. They started out as a slow burn, then on and off, then in denial...it was difficult to watch honestly. But it all boils down to the fact that Holly and Vince were perfect for each other and we just wanted them to accept it.

17. Niles and Daphne - Frasier

Niles always had a crush on Daphne and he spent years in quiet agony over it. But after what felt like decades, Niles finally summed up the courage to tell her how he felt and she felt the same way in return.

18. George and Louise - The Jeffersons

George and Louise, or "Weezy," were absolutely crazy together. They spent most of their time acting ridiculous, so it was impossible to ever be in a bad mood when they were on your screen.

19. Danny and Spencer - King of Queens

These two weren't an official couple, but the series literally forced their audience to ship them. They were the best duo on the show by far and had the funniest scenes. They got upset when one wasn't home on time, once shared a bed, and even got married in order to get a better deal on a room. Why didn't they go there for real?

20. J.D. and Elliot - Scrubs

J.D. and Elliot were literally every possible thing in the book. Friends, friends with benefits, boyfriend/girlfriend, on and off again, and eventually husband and wife. Their story definitely kept us on our toes.

21. Ben and Leslie - Parks and Recreation

Ben was Leslie's perfect match. Every time they were together you could feel the happiness radiating off of them. Ben gave up his career and to be with her, and in turn, Leslie put her campaign in jeopardy. But the two just couldn't stand being apart.

22. Jake and Amy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Not to be biased...but Jake and Amy are by far the healthiest and most beautiful ship in existence. They can be crazy and fun, but they also have unconditional love and support for each other.

23. Phil and Claire Dunphy - Modern Family

While Phil may often be the butt of the joke, Claire is always on his side. Despite how long they've been married, the spark between them has never died out and we know that it never will.

24. Kevin and Winnie - The Wonder Years

Kevin and Winnie were adorable childhood crushes. You don't always end up with your first love, as the series tried to exemplify, but we still wish they would've given them the happy ending they deserved.

25. Barney and Robin - How I Met Your Mother

Even though they were both pretty bad together, there's no denying that almost everyone who has ever watched the show ships Swarkles. They had some funny moments together, and they did admittedly have the most chemistry out of everyone on the show.

26. Jesse and Becky - Full House

"Have mercy," the iconic line Jesse always said to Becky. These two were iconic in more ways than one, and watching their relationship develop was one of the best parts of Full House.

27. Elena and Syd - One Day at a Time

Elena and Syd are mean to be in every possible way. But you know what Elena would say. Syd isn't her other half, but her other whole. Interesting choice of words, but true.

28. Jonah and Amy - Superstore

The buildup between Amy and Jonah was agonizing, but it was worth the wait by far. They finally gave into their feelings and kissed in the middle of a tornado, but they lived to tell the tale. Therefore, awkwardness ensued. They are one of the best modern-day couples a sitcom has ever created and we can't wait to continue to watch their relationship play out.

29. Joanie and Chachi - Happy Days

Chachi was crushing on Joanie from day one, but it took a few seasons for her to give him a chance. She does ultimately end up falling for him, and after a bit of drama in-between, they reunite and get married at the end of the show.

30. Sam and Diane - Cheers

There were mixed feelings all around when it comes to Sam and Diane. They were complete opposites, and it's still unclear whether these type of opposites were meant to attract. However, they added something special to the series and Cheers would not have been as successful without their unique relationship.

31. Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 - Get Smart

It took far to long for Max to realize how he felt about 99, especially because she knew from the very beginning. But eventually in a life or death situation, Maxwell confessed his feelings and they later got married.

32. Roseanne and Dan Conner - Roseanne

Roseanne and Dan were those embarrassing parents that we would all deny being related to. But, they were embarrassingly perfect for each other.

33. Alex and Ellen - Family Ties

Ellen was Alex's first serious girlfriend, and even from the beginning, everyone could see that they belonged together.

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