33 Greatest Ships in Sitcom History

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Ships exist in all kinds of genres. Dramas, thrillers, and of course comedies. 

Relationships on sitcoms can be a bit lighter than those on high stakes dramas, but that doesn't mean they can't be just as wonderful. 

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Sitcoms provide an opportunity for the characters to have fun with each other, and the audience experiences it in return. They provide a great escape for those days when you just need to smile. 

We've created a slideshow below of 33 of the greatest ships from sitcoms! 

1. Cory and Topanga - Boy Meets World

Cory and Topanga - Boy Meets World
Cory and Topanga were the classic ship for anyone who grew up in the early 90s. Fans of the show were in luck when Disney created a spinoff that featured Cory and Topanga happily married with their two kids.

2. Lucy and Ricky - I Love Lucy

Lucy and Ricky - I Love Lucy
Lucky and Ricky were probably the purest couple of their time. Ricky dealing with Lucy's shenanigans was always hilarious to watch, and there was no doubt how much they loved each other.

3. Jim and Pam - The Office

Jim and Pam - The Office
Jim and Pam are probably one of America's favorite couples to date. Since Pam was engaged at the beginning of the show, it took them a while to finally get together, but we couldn't be happier that they did.

4. Sabrina and Harvey - Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina and Harvey - Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Sabrina always belonged with Harvey and it was obvious. It's not easy being a teenage witch, but it didn't scare Harvey away from the girl that he loved.

5. Nick and Jess - New Girl

Nick and Jess - New Girl
Jess started off as Nick's new quirky roommate, but he even admitted that he fell in love with her the moment she walked through the door. Nick and Jess were always there for each other and even became best friends. Ending the series with a wedding between them was the perfect way to say goodbye.

6. Rob and Laura Petrie - The Dick Van Dyke Show

Rob and Laura Petrie - The Dick Van Dyke Show
Despite having a house full of kids, Rob and Laura were the most entertaining and comedic part of the series. It was hard not to have fun just watching them together.

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