27 Terrific 2017 Shows Yet to Premiere

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If you still haven't found your one true love this season, you still have time to uncover the perfect show for you.

There is so much television available it is quite simply impossible to cover it all. What we are doing is tossing your way some darn great suggestions that have yet to air.

No matter what kind of viewing you are into, there is bound to be something on the list below you're going to want to watch. From documentaries to Christmas movies, there is something for everyone!

1. Major Crimes - TNT - 9/8c - Oct 31

Major Crimes - TNT - 9/8c - Oct 31
The final season of this TNT staple will air against This Is Us and Bull, so there will be major competition. Still, expect big surprises before the squad says goodbye for the final time.

2. Stan Against Evil - IFC - 10/9c - 11/1

Stan Against Evil - IFC - 10/9c - 11/1
Stan Against Evil Season 2 will pick up right where Season 1 left off and the lives hanging in the balance will be addressed straight away. With no Ash v Evil Dead this fall, you'd best get caught up on the adventures of Stan and Evie because you're going to meed the mixture of mayhem and mirth to get you through! Back to back episodes will air all season long.

3. SWAT - CBS - 10/9c - 11/2

SWAT - CBS - 10/9c - 11/2
FINALLY. The long-awaited Shemar Moore vehicle premieres on CBS to seal his fate as a superstahhhh. Seriously, this was one of the better reboots and pilots of the season with a lot of potential. Great cast, too. Don't miss it!

4. Shameless - Showtime - 9/8c - 11/5

Shameless - Showtime - 9/8c - 11/5
With this family back on Showtime, you know you're in for misery and a whole lotta laughs. What more is there to say?

5. Christmas and More Christmas on Hallmark and Lifetime

Christmas and More Christmas on Hallmark and Lifetime
Hallmark is the absolute leader on this, but I didn't want to leave out Lifetime, either. They're not the only nets pulling in Christmas duty, but when Hallmark starts airing their stable of films 24/7, you can laugh, cry, or cringe (I'm not going to judge, you Grinch, you) until your heart swells three sizes or shrinks to the size of a peanut. Good times, I'm telling you!

6. SMILF - Showtime - 10/9c - 11/5

SMILF -  Showtime - 10/9c - 11/5
Connie Britton joins creator and SMILF Frankie Shaw as the latter tries to have the life of a carefree, cool, 20-something while bearing the responsibilities of a single mother.

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