19 Blunders and Triumphs of the Season So Far!

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Whether microscopic or massive, below you'll find some of the things that seem noteworthy from the latest season. Sure, there are probably more, but there is always time!

Off the top of your head, what triumphs or blunders have you noticed about the new fall season?

1. The Good Doctor Scores

The Good Doctor Scores
The Good Doctor premiered higher than anyone expected, overshadowing poor critics' reviews and becoming one of the first series to score a full season order even though Freddie Highmore is only slightly different than his far superior role on Bates Motel that never got the audience attention it deserved.

2. Military's Meh

Military's Meh
None of the three military shows broke free from the pack to become a sensation. The writing for David Boreanaz is lacking, the audience for The Brave isn't watching and Valor, well, it's The CW and they're not a military bunch no matter how you slice it. Unless they're currently siding with superheroes.

3. Riverdale Remains Riveting

Riverdale Remains Riveting
Riverdale Season 2 went darker than Riverdale Season 1, Fred Andrews survived, and the ratings went through the roof on a competitive night anchoring the Dynasty reboot. The young, talented cast cares about their work environment and the world, and they're being rewarded for their hard work.

4. Star Trek: Discovery Soars

Star Trek: Discovery Soars
Despite production delays and concern over review embargoes, Star Trek: Discovery makes a terrific landing scoring CBS a record number of sign-ups after the premiere. Whether they'll continue to pay for the service after the 15 episode run remains to be seen.

5. American Horror Story: Cult-ivates a Creepy Look in the Mirror

American Horror Story: Cult-ivates a Creepy Look in the Mirror
American Horror Story: Cult held up a mirror to society in what turns out to be one of the most frightening seasons since Murder House, but the audience turned away at the thought it was going to be talking too much about the election and current political events. Or maybe viewers were too afraid to see the darkest parts of themselves splayed open like a rotting corpse by Ryan Murphy's sharp dialogue?

6. Slasher Stalls

Slasher Stalls
Slasher Season 2 appeared on Netflix without an ounce of fanfare. The ease with which the big bad killer was identified – if viewers are in tune with popular culture – was disappointing, and the story didn't have the depth that shined through the slashing when Season 1 aired on Chiller Network.

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