7 Summer Shows We Love

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Our TV Fanatics watch hours of new programming in order to recommend to you the best of what's on TV this summer. 

1. Reckless - CBS (Sundays 10/9)

Reckless - CBS (Sundays 10/9)
A gorgeous Yankee litigator, a charming southern attorney and lots of sultry summer fun. It's got the twists and turns of a great mystery and enough chemistry to steam up your TV screen. Plus it's filmed entirely on location in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina which gives it its unique southern charm. - Christine Orlando

2. The Last Ship - TNT (Sunday, 9/8)

The Last Ship - TNT (Sunday, 9/8)
"It's tough and action-packed, like a summer blockbuster." - Michelle Carlbert "Eric Dane and Adam Baldwin in uniform. Enough said." - Christine Orlando

3. Extant - CBS (Wednesday 9/8)

Extant - CBS (Wednesday 9/8)
"Halle Berry. Sci Fi. Mystery. What more do you need?" - Christine Orlando "I'm not sure where its going, but fans of creepy kids will certainly get their fill." - Jim Garner

4. The Strain - FX (Sunday 10/9)

The Strain - FX (Sunday 10/9)
"It's phenomenal. Del Toro makes vampires creepy and scary again. So far it's exactly what imagined when I read the book. It has a cinematic feel to it, plus top notch VFX." - Henry Anthony Otero "And those posters with the eye are just creepy." - Sean McKenna

5. The Night Shift - NBC (Tuesday 10/9)

The Night Shift - NBC (Tuesday 10/9)
It's almost ridiculous with the amount of excitement and drama they stuff into each episode, which makes it feel like a summer soap opera of sorts. - Michelle Carlbert

6. Dominion - SyFy (Thursday 9/8)

Dominion - SyFy (Thursday 9/8)
The cast is great (super engaged on Twitter) and I always wondered what became of the baby or "Chosen One" at the end of Legion. Now I know. - Henry Anthony Otero

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