9 Season Finales That Made It All Worth It

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There are a LOT of finales on TV. 

That much we know, but some of them just managed to come out further ahead than others. 

These finales were very well acted and had great writing. 

Have a look at the gallery below. 


1. Supergirl

Supergirl ended on a surprisingly happy note, especially for a superhero show. Kara was promoted and addressed by Cat with her real name. James and Kara finally expressed their feelings for each other. Kara took down Non, leaving National City safe for the time being. But there were just as many questions, too. What will Season 2 bring, and how will the move to The CW affect the show?

2. iZombie

This was hands down the best finale I have ever seen. They did a fantastic job of building the zombie/Max Rager plot in the last half of the second season and it all exploded in a crazy full zombie apocalypse showdown. Clive was finally brought in on all of the truths that the gang had been shielding him from and when all hope seemed to be lost, an army of zombie killers swooped in! The twist? They are acutally zombies who plan to take over Seattle! Also, the finale bonus: a random zombie playing a Rob Thomas song as he and a few others eat real Rob Thomas' brain. A wonderfully gorey touch!

3. Girls

Girls Season 5 was beautifully done all around, but the finale sent the show off the air at a great place. This was especially true of Hannah, who met up with an old friend whose success inspired her to revisit writing. That lead Hannah to a wonderful, insightful moment of clarity for a storytelling competition which really drove home how much these characters have grown over the season. Whether they got married (and divorced), lived in Japan or just found something new within themselves, it was the best of their journies to date.

4. Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin
They never fail to deliver a great finale, two years in a row. Pulling out all the stops of Jane's wedding, Sin Rotro surprises, idenity theft, a possible main-character death, AND a surprise pregnancy, Jane the Virgin showed that it's possible to leave literally every character with their own individual cliffhanger.

5. Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy
No, this wasn't necessarily the most shocking finale we've ever seen, but Grey's Anatomy Season 12 delivered a solid, satisfying season finale that included some happy moments, a cliffhanger, and a clear turning point for the show's main character.

6. Nashville

Besides the obviously painful cliffhanger, Nashville wrapped up most of the stories it had started. Scarlett and Gunnar reunited with a passionate on-stage kiss. Rayna and Deacon were reunited with their eldest daughter, Maddie, after she had emancipated from them, but she decided she wasn't ready to be an adult yet. Layla was taken down for her manipulation of Avery, and her attempts to ruin Juliette's life, while Will embraced being gay and finally stood up to Cynthia Davis, who criticized his appearance on her show as the "domestic terrorism that is his homosexual agenda.

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