A Million Little Things Midseason Report Card: Most Exciting Reveal, Worst Character, & More!

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While Million Things Fanatics eagerly await the show's return, it's time to review the first half of the season. 

A Million Little Things is one of the strongest new series of the Fall with its relatable characters, talented cast, and gripping storytelling. 

It has been an emotional, shocking, intense, and addictive first half of the season. The show has a knack for making viewers feel every emotion possible, including the less than stellar ones. 

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Our heads are spinning with shocking revelations, theories, and so many questions. For one, who the heck is Barbara Morgan?! 

Join us below as we revisit the first half of the season, and hit the comments with your thoughts. 

A Million Little Things returns on an all-new night and at an all-new time, January. 17 at 9/8c on ABC. 

If you need to catch up, you can watch A Million Little Things online here via TV Fanatic. 

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1. Best Character - Gary

Best Character - Gary
Jon was the glue that kept the friends together, but Gary is the heart. He's the best developed of the series. Gary is flawed and has many issues, but he's also relatable, funny, and there is something touching about his devotion to his friends and his desperation when it comes to keeping everyone together. He's the most reliable when it counts, but he's a bit disastrous in other areas of his life, and he particularly stands out as a male breast cancer survivor whose sardonic humor belies his constant state of fear. Roday is impressive in a dramatic role and is worthy of award recognition too.

2. Best Friendship - Rome and Maggie

Best Friendship - Rome and Maggie
It's interesting that in many ways, Rome is closer to Maggie than the guys he's been friends with for years. He confides in her about things he struggles to share with the others. They danced on the line of friendship and doctor/patient, but their friendship won out when Maggie was able to confide in him about things she wasn't able to tell anyone else too. They have the most balanced friendship on the series, and Miller and Malco have great chemistry with one another, so their scenes together always stand out.

3. Most Improved - Katherine

Most Improved - Katherine
Ironically, despite the shocking revelation at the end of the pilot concerning her husband and her friend, Katherine made the worst first impression. Throughout the first half of the season, the series delved deeper into her character and has shown that behind the stoic workaholic mom, is a vulnerable, level-headed, warm woman. She worked hard to support her family, but all she wants is to be there for her son. With half the screentime, Katherine evolved into one of the most endearing and admirable characters with the best growth and development.

4. Most Emotional Arc - Maggie's Cancer Fight

Most Emotional Arc - Maggie's Cancer Fight
The first half of the season focused a lot on Maggie's unfortunate prognosis and Gary's refusal to accept her decision to forego chemotherapy. What made their situation interesting was Maggie had a right to decide for herself, but while Gary wasn't respecting her agency, it also came from a place of personal knowledge, so he didn't come across as a total dick but more so a sympathetic one. We all wanted him to win this argument, too.

5. Most Exciting Revelation - Jon's Massive Debt and Secret Life

Most Exciting Revelation - Jon's Massive Debt and Secret Life
It's not shocking that Jon is far from the perfect guy that he was painted as being, but it's exciting that he had a whole other life that the others weren't privy to, including a secret apartment and an unknown name listed on his secret insurance policy. It's the juiciest part of the series. The mysterious and elusive Jon with his shady business dealings will have you on the edge of your seat. It was jaw-dropping to learn Jon amassed an insane amount of debt and that his money woes may have a role in his death.

6. Underused and Underrated - Rome and His Depression Arc

Underused and Underrated - Rome and His Depression Arc
Malco is one of the best actors on the series. At the heart of the series -- what makes it valuable and important is the real, authentic exploration of mental health and mental illness. It's what appealed to many viewers from the beginning. Through Rome, the series deftly tackles not only depression but depression in men, specifically black men and the effects on marriage, relationships, and the troubling stigma associated with it. It's one of the most compelling arcs, but at times it's sidelined in favor of cancer storylines, relationship woes, infidelity, and mysteries, and Rome despite being part of the trio of friends remaining, seems like the side character within the group.

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