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Don Johnson is making a comeback by way of big oil on the aptly named OIL. It's going to be a sudsy drama that looks a lot like Dallas, but on network television, where something like that belongs! 

Ken Jueng hopes tickle your funny bone as Dr. Ken on ABC Fridays this fall and Shonda Rhimes will continue to dominate Thursday nights even after How to Get Away with Murder ends as The Catch premieres in 2016.

Other ABC shows this fall include the biblical saga Of Kings and Prophets and the return of The Muppets. Wicked City will during Quantico's winter hiatus and The Family will take over for Kings in 2016.

Watch now and let us know what makes your list!

1. OIL Trailer

OIL is coming to ABC fall 2015. A town with oilfields so vast a millionaire is made every day.

2. Of Kings and Prophets Trailer

Of Kings and Prophets is a biblical saga coming to ABC in the fall of 2015. A clash of destinies that would change the world.

3. Quantico Trailer

Quantico is coming to ABC Tuesdays this fall. Everyone has a secret, but someone's is bigger and deadlier than the rest. Is one of the recruits a terrorist?

4. Dr. Ken Trailer

Dr. Ken is coming to ABC Fridays this fall. Are you ready for some funny times courtesy of the doctor?

5. The Muppets Trailer

Are you ready to revisit The Muppets? You better be, because they're heading to ABC Tuesdays this fall!

6. The Catch Trailer

A woman who uncovers fraud for a living gets taken for everything she's worth? What happens next? Find out on ABC Thursdays in 2016 after How to Get Away With Murder finishes its run.

7. The Family Trailer

The Family will join ABC's lineup in 2016. When a son is reunited with his family after being kidnapped 10 years earlier, it might be too good to be true.

8. Wicked City Trailer

Wicked City will air Tuesdays during Quantico's winter hiatus on ABC. Set in Los Angeles, this anthology series will start in 1982. You can't come to the city of angels without meeting a few devils.

9. The Real O'Neals Trailer

The Real O'Neals will be coming to ABC in 2016. This isn't your average family comedy, they've stopped pretending and are getting real!

10. Uncle Buck Trailer

Uncle Buck is coming to ABC in 2016. Based on the movie of the same name, Uncle Buck is about to save his family's day!

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