Big Brother 21: First Impressions of the Cast

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It's summertime and the living is easy guys! Oh, and t’s also time for more Big Brother.

Coming back for a legendary 21st season, the addictive CBS reality series is ready to provide us with another summer of drama, as the houseguests get ready to do whatever is necessary to walk away with the $500,000.

Now just who are these houseguests, and what will they be bringing to the table this season? It’s time to find out!

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I’ve combed through all the interviews to give you my perspective of the cast before they even set foot in the house.

Make sure you drop a line in the comments and let me know how right or wrong I am about all of your favorites!


1. Kemi Fakunle

Kemi knows how to give an interview, and it's very easy to see why she would be cast on a show like this. She has a great personality and comes across like someone who is going to bring a lot of entertainment to the live feeds and the show. She is here for the money first and foremost and isn't interested in just making it to the jury, which I respect a lot. She feels like the person most willing to do whatever she has to do to win. Prediction: Kemi is making it far. Mark my words.

2. Nick Maccarone

Nick is very confident in Nick. And too much confidence often spells disaster for houseguests. He's coming in with a game plan to win, which is great, but will he be able to adapt when things don't go his way? He doesn't present himself as someone who will shy away from conflict, and he definitely isn't afraid to speak his mind. Whether or not that works for him will be entirely dependent upon how the other houseguests perceive him. Prediction: Nick gets cut just before jury.

3. Jessica Milagros

Jessica seems like a blast, but I'm not sure how that will translate to this house. She's a fan, so she has a pretty strong strategy heading into the game, and I'm hopeful she will be able to find her place in the house. She was great in her pre-season interviews and was definitely one of the funniest ones. Prediction: As much as I would love to see her go far, I think she may be out pre-jury.

4. David Alexander

The Atlanta based photographer comes across very low-key and mild-mannered, which can be a good thing or a bad thing once he gets in the house. People who fly under the radar have the potential to do well if they let the bigger personalities go after one another. While David has that going for him, he may struggle with not knowing as much about the game as some of the inevitable superfans. Prediction: He may be an early boot, although he can cry on command so I will be interested to see how he campaigns when he's put on the block.

5. Nicole Anthony

Nicole is spunky, full of energy, and extremely intelligent. She's a student of the game, and I'm expecting big things from her! She should be a good diary room performer, and if she can attach herself to the right alliance, she has the ability to go deep into the game. She will need to keep her BB knowledge under the radar if she wants to make it far, as I think she will be a big threat the longer she stays in the game. Prediction: Nicole is making it to jury, and she has a good chance to make it to the end.

6. Ovi Kabir

Ovi seems like so much fun! He has a megawatt smile, and he seems incredibly endearing and down to earth. Another superfan (he even watches the amazing Canadian series!), Ovi has a wealth of knowledge about how the game is played and the do's and don'ts. Every season there's one houseguest who generally gets along with everyone and is able to maintain their own alliance, while also maintaining good relationships amongst the rest of the house. This feels like Ovi. Prediction: Ovi makes it to jury and possibly to finale.

7. Isabella Wang

Isabella has confidence for days, and even though she's a Big Brother newbie, her confidence really makes you want to root for her. She is really putting all her energy into having the best social game possible, which is important, but a timely competition win is almost always needed to ensure that you make it to the end. Overall though she seems like a funny girl and someone who will be well-liked. Prediction: Isabella Wang comes to play and finds herself on the couch come finale night.

8. Sam Smith

Sam is of high energy and enthusiasm. He's boisterous and loud, which can be detrimental when you're trapped in a house with people who don't know your personality. But he has watched Big Brother and knows enough to know what major mistakes to avoid. He talked openly in interviews about his wife being the one who got him signed up for the show, so it's to be determined how much knowledge he really possesses. But he's a funny guy who I can see being friends with everyone. Prediction: Sam might be an easy person to put up early and get out without ruffling many feathers.

9. Holly Allen

Our resident wine safari guide has an interesting upbringing that should prepare her for the isolation that is the Big Brother house. But she seems a little unsure of what exactly the game entails, so it's hard to see her making it particularly far. Though she did make it known that she tends to get along more with men, so if there happens to be a dominant male alliance like we've seen in past seasons, she could ride her alliance far. Prediction: She will be one of the first members of jury.

10. Jack Matthews

Jack is either going to be the nicest guy in the world that America falls in love with. Or the exact opposite. It was hard to get a grasp on who he was throughout all of his interviews. And even harder to get an idea of what kind of game he's planning to play. He claims to be very average but based off his height alone, he will be looked at as a physical threat. Prediction: Jack is a wildcard, but I think he at least makes jury.

11. Christie Murphy

Christie seems like a lovely person, but I'm not sure she has that killer Big Brother instinct. There's going to be backstabbing and lies galore all summer, and I'm not sure if Christie is ready for that. Prediction: She will make an early season exit.

12. Tommy Bracco

Tommy was a ball of energy and had the best laugh you will ever hear. In a cast full of fans, Tommy was one of the ones who seemed to really be taking in every moment of the experience and was thankful to be chosen. It feels like he is going to a strategist and he will be playing the game from the second he walks into the house. He's not here to play summer camp, and that's really all we can ask for these days. Prediction: Move over Isabella, Tommy will be sitting next to you in September.

13. Analyse Talavera

Analyse is fresh out of college and ready to take on Big Brother! A lifelong athlete, she feels poised to be a competition beast and in turn yield a lot of power this summer. But will all that power go to her head? Much like Jack, she was one of the harder ones to read, but if she can stay with the power all summer, she will make a run for the money. Prediction: She makes jury but goes out during the inevitable double.

14. Jackson Michie

Jackson can talk. He's got a strong answer for everything, and that's a skill that can do you well or do you in when it comes to Big Brother. He may be able to talk himself off the block, but he could also inadvertently make an enemy or two by not knowing when to stop talking. All in all he seemed very similar to some of the guys we've seen in past seasons. Prediction: Jackson makes jury.

15. Cliff Hogg III

Cliff is the oldest gentleman on the cast and by history, that means he won't be on very long. But could he buck the trend? Of course, there is a chance he's able to let some of the bigger personalities take shots at one another and cruise on by. Plus he's a rabid Big Brother fan and already knows the ways in which he can stay safe. He has a lot of worldy knowledge and it's easy to see the other houseguests flocking to him for input. Prediction: Cliff will be an early boot.

16. Kathryn Dunn

Kathryn was a bit all over the place in her interviews. So much so I have zero idea what game she wants to play. She feels like someone who will be middle of the road good, maybe win an early competition and survive the block a time or two. But it's so hard to say. Prediction: She will be an early member of the jury.

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