Castle Photos from "That '70s Show"

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Check out these photos from Castle Season 6 Episode 20, "That '70s Show."

It looks to be a fun one!

1. Stepping Back

Stepping Back
The gang at the 12th precinct go all out in the hopes that a delusional witness will lead them to a killer on Castle. "That '70s Show" is the 20th episode of the show's sixth season.

2. We Almost Didn't Recognize Him

We Almost Didn't Recognize Him
Talk about a great undercover look. We almost didn't recognize Detective Kevin Ryan in this get up.

3. Which Is More Distracting

Which Is More Distracting
Which do you think is more distracting, Castle's polyester jacket or the collar on that shirt? We're not sure if that outfit should be immortalized or burned.

4. The Boys From the '70s

The Boys From the '70s
Did they all get their shades from the same store? Our boys definitely went all out with their '70s looks. Who is your favorite?

5. Next Halloween

Next Halloween
We're saving this picture so we can copy Kate Beckett's 1970s look for next Halloween.

6. Feeling the Flower Power

Feeling the Flower Power
Even Alexis is feeling the flower power in "That '70s Show" We wonder what brought her down to the precinct, other than the groovy fashion show.

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