Chicago PD Season 3: Best Episode, Season MVP and More!

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We started Chicago PD Season 3 with one character in trouble, and ended it with another one possibly in even more trouble!

Throughout the season, we dealt with Lindsay's addiction, Olinsky's family troubles, Voight's temper, and so much more! 

There were crossovers with Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Law and Order SVU, as well as a backdoor pilot for the new series Chicago Justice. 

Relive some of the best moments of the season with our report card, and then be sure to let us know your thoughts!

1. Best Episode

Best Episode
Lindsay's personal demon, and one of the series' best villains to date, returned on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 14. Yates, the man who killed Nadia bates Lindsay into playing his game, and, in the end, she wins by taking him down. The crossover with Law and Order SVU brought Benson back to Chicago, and we just love any chance to see her share the screen with Voight and Lindsay.

2. Worst Episode

Worst Episode
Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 12 was predictable and a little boring. It was obvious to pretty much everyone that Eddie couldn't be trusted and would make a break for it with the money. Even Voight and Dawson saw it coming and stopped him before he could get away. To top it all off, this was the episode that Burgess officially broke up with Ruzek.

3. Season MVP

Season MVP
Platt is so much more than just her amazing sarcastic one-liners. This season we got to see her in the field a couple of times, with her strongest moment coming when she talked down a dirty cop on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 13. She may give her cops a hard time, but in the end she always comes through for them.

4. Storyline That Left Us Hanging

Storyline That Left Us Hanging
We spent a good amount of time on Olinsky's family life in the first part of the season, but then it was dropped, never to be heard from again. Did Olinsky ever make up with Meredith? Did he and Michelle ever move out of Ruzek's apartment? We may never know.

5. Best Unconventional Partnership

Best Unconventional Partnership
Sure, the Roman/Platt partnership gave us some laughs, but we loved the dynamic between Lindsay and Burgess when they teamed up for a case. Maybe now that Roman is gone, Burgess will get to spend more time with Intelligence and we'll have more opportunites to see these two work together.

6. Last Person We Want to See on a Dating App

Last Person We Want to See on a Dating App
Remember when Roman revealed he was on a hook-up app? Yeah, we say no thank you. His one saving grace was helping the boy with cancer, but other than that Roman is a boring character who wasted no time making a move on Burgess after she broke up with Ruzek. We think the writers missed an opportunity by not having Roman be the victim of the catfisher.

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