Days of Our Lives: 13 Best Horton Christmases

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The best television Christmases inspire warm, fuzzy feelings in viewers and give them a sense of hope and love regardless of their relationships with their own families.

Days of Our Lives has mastered the art of the Christmas episode, featuring a family Christmas at the Horton house full of friends, family -- and of course, the tradition of hanging ornaments with each character's name on them.

With over 30 years of source material to choose from, it was hard to narrow down our favorites! Here are the top 13 Horton Christmases.

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1. The Cast Sings Christmas Songs

The Cast Sings Christmas Songs
1984's Christmas episode included the entire cast singing Christmas carols, followed by McDonald Carey and Frances Reid (aka Tom and Alice Horton) breaking the fourth wall to wish the audience a Merry Christmas. What a sweet Christmas memory!

2. Shawn Douglas Gets His Ornament

Shawn Douglas Gets His Ornament
Giving newborns and new family members a personal ornament is a Horton family tradition, but Shawn Douglas is the only character to get one prior to his being named. He got an ornament marked "Baby" when Hope was pregnant with him.

3. A Lovely Tribute to Tom and Alice

A Lovely Tribute to Tom and Alice
"Always" was Tom and Alice's song, and in 1990 their children got together and sang it for them as a Christmas tribute. What a beautiful Christmas gift!

4. Jo Gets an Ornament

Jo Gets an Ornament
Jo's getting an ornament was significant not only because she became part of the extended family despite having been estranged from her son Jack for many years after giving him up for adoption, but because actress Joy Garrett passed away mere weeks after the episode aired.

5. Tom's Last Christmas

Tom's Last Christmas
An ill Tom spent his final Christmas in the hospital, where he and Alice read the Christmas story together from his hospital bed. Sadly, actor McDonald Carey passed away only three months after this episode aired.

6. Marlena is Possessed by the Devil!

Marlena is Possessed by the Devil!
1994 was a sad Christmas for many because it was the first one since Tom Horton and the actor who played him passed away. But the most memorable part of this Christmas episode was a possessed Marlena levitating above her bed. Love it or hate it, this storyline -- and the creepy Christmas ending -- is not one that viewers can easily forget.

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