Days of Our Lives Photo Preview: Will Claire Get Caught?

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Days of Our Lives is heating up -- literally.

The week of 6-3-19 was a short week that ended with Claire setting the Horton cabin on fire, with Tripp and Haley inside.

NBC has released new preview photos for Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-10-19. It looks like Ben will join the rescue effort while Ciara helps him come up with a plan to trap Claire. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end of Claire's reign of terror.

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The preview photos also address several other storylines, including the search for a cure for Will's brain tumor, Jennifer confronting Eve again, and more.

Check them out below and then hit the comments to share which upcoming spoiler excites you the most!

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Days of Our Lives continues to air on NBC on weekday afternoons. Check your local listings for airtimes.

1. Ben to the Rescue

Ben to the Rescue
Ben rushes to Smith Island, where he finds the cabin on fire with Tripp and Haley inside! Will he get there in time to rescue the fugitives from Claire's latest act of arson?

2. Lani Has An Ephiphany

Lani Has An Ephiphany
After losing Eli because of her devotion to baby David, Lani has an epiphany about her attachment to the infant. But is it too late for her and Eli to reconcile?

3. Sonny and Will Share Exciting News

Sonny and Will Share Exciting News
Sonny and Will tell Gabi something exciting: they're getting remarried! But with Will on death's door because of his supernaturally-created brain tumor, will the couple make it to the altar?

4. Ciara and Ben Conspire Against Claire

Ciara and Ben Conspire Against Claire
It looks like Ciara finally believes Ben's claim that Claire set that nearly-fatal fire! What's their next move, and will Claire finally get caught?

5. Jennifer and Eve Have A Heated Confrontation

Jennifer and Eve Have A Heated Confrontation
Jennifer has plenty of bones to pick with Eve, between JJ's arrest for helping hide Haley and Eve's continued attempt to manipulate Jack and turn him against Jennifer. Will their latest argument get physical?

6. Chloe and Rex Get Closer

Chloe and Rex Get Closer
Rex has cheated on Sarah twice before, so will he cheat again with his mother's least favorite woman? And what will bring him and Chloe closer together?

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