Days of Our Lives Spoiler Photos: Fights For Heart and Soul

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It looks like the jig is up for Eve!

The promo video for Days of Our Lives during the week of 7-29-19 shows Jack firing her on top of demanding a divorce! What is the schemer with a perpetual grudge against Jennifer going to do now?

There is also a snag or two in Gabi and Stefan's plan to marry so that Gabi can become CEO of Dimera Enterprises, as Rafe informs Gabi that he will not let her marry Stefan.

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And Sarah snuggles with Rex after sex. And says she loves Eric!

NBC has also released official spoiler photos that suggest Hope will begin investigating Ted's claims about who kidnapped him and "Nicole" will put a plan of her own into motion.

And is Thaao Penghlis playing Tony or Andre, and what the heck is his character up to?

Check out the full slideshow of Days of Our Lives spoiler photos below and then hit the comments with your thoughts and theories!

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Days of Our Lives airs weekday afternoons on NBC. Check local listings for airtimes.

1. Kristen has a new plan.

Kristen has a new plan.
A desperate Kristen has a new plan to take over Dimera Enterprises now that Stefan fired "Nicole"! She proposes marriage to her own brother by adoption. But is she really dealing with Tony or is it evil Andre who accepts her proposal?

2. Jack demands a divorce!

Jack demands a divorce!
Now that Eve has shown her true colors, she's talked herself out of any hope of a life with Jack! Does Eve have a new diabolical plan up her sleeve now that Jack is ready to divorce her? And does Jack's epiphany about Eve mean reconciliation is in the cards for him and Jennifer?

3. Stefan and Gabi get ready to marry!

Stefan and Gabi get ready to marry!
Stefan and Gabi prepare to tie the knot for business purposes. But will Rafe or faux Nicole stop the wedding? And how deep are Gabi's feelings for Stefan, anyway?

4. A new job for Eli.

A new job for Eli.
Realizing that he made a mistake by making Eve the police commissioner, Jack fires her...and offers Eli the position instead! Will Eli take a promotion if it means working for Jack?

5. Kristen is furious when Tony disappears.

Kristen is furious when Tony disappears.
Tony disappears, seeming to ruin "Nicole's" plan to marry him and get the CEO position for herself. What is Tony up to...if he is even Tony?

6. Will tells Hope that Ted's story doesn't add up.

Will tells Hope that Ted's story doesn't add up.
Will lets Hope know that Ted's story about the kidnapping is full of discrepancies. Is Will being a dutiful nephew or is he trying to get revenge on Ted for the past? More importantly, what will Hope do with this intel?

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