13 Best Vacation Episodes on TV

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The sun is shining. The weather is warm and we're ready for a little adventure.

But where to?

Even our fictional favorites need a break from the norm every now and then. 

Need a holiday? Our TV friends have plenty of ideas.

There's surfing on Hawaii or playing princess at Disney. We've got Wyoming hunting trips, girlfriends in Paris and days spent lounging on the beach in the Hamptons.

But beware of the pitfalls of going topless, shrinkage, and bad hair days!

So get ready for an epic get-a-away and check out our 13 favorite vacation episodes on TV.

1. Friends - London, Baby!

Friends - London, Baby!
The Friends flew off to London for Ross and Emily’s wedding in one of TV’s most epic trips. Ross said Rachel’s name at the altar instead of Emily's (Oops!), Monica and Chandler began a romantic relationship, and Joey was the best tourist ever! We’re so happy he insisted on that hat. London, baby!

2. The Good Wife - Wyoming

The Good Wife - Wyoming
It was really more of a working vacation when Kurt brought Diane along on a hunting retreat in Wyoming with his staunch Republican friends. She hoped to endure small talk with the wives at the spa and figure out how to nab a big money client for the firm. Unfortunately she mistook somebody's call girl for their wife!

But what made this vacation great for viewers was the pro-life/pro-choice debate between R. D. and Diane. Rarely do we get to see such emotionally charged subjects handled with such intelligence...and on vacation, too.

3. The Brady Bunch - Hawaii

The Brady Bunch - Hawaii
The Brady Bunch got around. There were the Grand Canyon episodes, as well as a trip to an amusement park, but our favorite Brady vacation was their trip to Hawaii. Over three episodes, Greg nearly drowned in a surfing accident, a tarantula almost scared Peter to death, Don Ho played the ukulele, and the desire to place a cursed tiki in its ancestral cave lead the boys to becoming captives of Vincent Price! What more could we ask for from a vacation?

4. Royal Pains - Cuba

Royal Pains - Cuba
You could say that every day on Royal Pains was a vacation, as most of the series took place summering in the Hamptons, but that didn't stop members of HankMed from heading out to other exotic locales. When Boris' health took a turn, Hank and Evan ended up on their way to Cuba. Yes, we believe the episode was actually filmed in Puerto Rico as the ban on travelling to Cuba was still in effect, but we still thought this was one of Royal Pains more intriguing trips.

5. Full House - Disney World

Full House - Disney World
Even the title, "The House Meets the Mouse," was adorable. The trip was inevitable. Where else would you take the cutest kids on TV for vacation? Danny proposed to Vicky, Jesse and Joey ended up at the bottom of a shark tank, and Michelle was named Princess for the Day!

6. Modern Family - Hawaiian Wedding

Modern Family - Hawaiian Wedding
After a bunch of airport mishaps, the entire Pritchett/Dunphy clan finally made their way to Hawaii. Though the comedic missteps hardly stopped there, it was Phil giving Claire the wedding of her dreams in a vow renewal ceremony that made this vacation episode most memorable.

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