23 Dreamiest Male Detectives

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Check out the dreamiest guys who investigate crime on our favorite shows on TV.

1. Nathan Wuoros - Haven

Nathan Wuoros may not be able to feel a touch, but his heart is wide open, especially to Audrey Parker. He abandoned his job to focus on finding her when she was lost, but the call of duty cannot be denied and he's back on the force. It's always handy to have a distractingly handsome cop on duty in Haven.

2. Steve McGarrett - Hawaii Five-0

Little 5-year-old Steve McGarrett wanted to be a police officer. Now, former Navy SEAL, Lt. Commander Steven McGarrett currently leads the Hawaii Five-0 task force. It appears that life on the islands is agreeing with him.

3. Derek Morgan - Criminal Minds

Special Agent Derek Morgan specializes in analyzing fixations and obsessive behavior but we're mostly fixated on his flirtatious, confident, and protective qualities, not to mention how he looks in that t-shirt.

4. Patrick Jane - The Mentalist

We never used to think of suits with vests, paisley shirts or tea cups as sexy, that was until we met Simon Baker as Patrick Jane on The Mentalist. It's terribly difficult not to get a little turned on by a man who is so intelligent and observant that he can make you think he's reading your mind.

5. Sheriff Alex Romero - Bates Motel

Sheriff Alex Romero is the guy is desperately trying to keep a seedy town together and cuts newest oddball resident Norma Bates a lot of slack. No matter where he goes or what he does, he looks damn good doing it, given he was born with permanent eyeliner to enhance his sultry dark looks.

6. Carlos Fonnegra - Continuum

Carlos Fonnegra has been a great cop and a forgiving friend to his time-traveling partner(s). A lesser man would have cracked under the pressure. OK. He did crack, keeping a dead version of Kiera on ice to deep conversations. All is forgiven because he's a gorgeous man outside, making up for the slight cracking marring his inner beauty.

7. Rick Castle - Castle

Rick Castle is charming, smart, and ruggedly handsome, (even if he does say so himself) and a great investigator. But he's probably at his sexiest when he's “building theory” with his wife, Detective Kate Beckett. It's like foreplay with their minds and that's seriously hot.

8. Gabriel Holbrook - Pretty Little Liars

On Pretty Little Liars, Holbrook is just like all the other cops in Rosewood. Well, almost. He seems a little too focused on the Liars, borderline corrupt and more concerned with his future than right and wrong. Then you look at him and you think... meh. I can live with that. Just keep looking this way, Gabriel Holbrook. Look this way.

9. Kevin Garvey - The Leftovers

Kevin Garvey is one of the Leftovers. He's also a cop trying to keep the peace in a world where people are totally lost. It isn't the easiest of jobs. He's a little cuckoo himself. He looks really good in uniform, but and even better out of it. We do notice these things, just sayin'.

10. Jack Larsen - Stalker

At first we thought Jack Larsen was a detective with Stalker tendencies himself, but it turns out he's a loving father with keen insight into both sides of the crimes. He can do a mean table dance if set loose, too.

11. Tony DiNozzo - NCIS

When we first met Agent Tony DiNozzo he was more frat boy than mature man but time and lost love has given him a depth of character that is seriously sexy without ever losing his sense of humor.

12. Joe West - The Flash

Never underestimate the sex appeal of a beautiful smile and a hearty laugh. That's what underlies the intelligence and other special skills you'll find in Joe West on The Flash.

13. Capt. Quentin Lance - Arrow

Capt. Quentin Lance has had a really tough run, but he's never given up. His determination to fight for his city almost cost him his life on Arrow. Now his daughters and their generation have taken up the more difficult jobs, but Lance has earned respect and rank for his devotion. His giving heart is just awaiting another woman to rekindle the fire left stamped out by his ex-wife Dinah.

14. Seeley Booth - Bones

A former military man turned FBI agent, Seeley Booth is driven to keep honor and justice alive. He's the charming jock, the consummate investigator and a loving husband, father and friend. It's hard to get sexier than that.

15. Lucas Hood - Banshee

Everything Lucas Hood (not his real name, he's impersonating a Sheriff) does in Banshee is brimming with passion, whether brandishing a weapon or bedding a woman. Lucky for us, he's often taking off his shirt of those taking him hostage and such do it for him. Mmmmm.

16. Peter Quinn - Homeland

On Homeland, Peter Quinn is as close to a bad boy as you can get. Once morally challenged, he spent a good amount of time trying to wrestle his way back to the real world in terms of right and wrong. He's the hot guy who will sleep with the bigger girl and smack down anyone who whispers about her while they're at breakfast. He's also in love with someone who may not want him back and will turn on a dime to protect his own heart and that of someone else from being hurt. In three words, sexy as hell.

17. Bash - Reign

Bash could have been King, but he'll settle for King's Deputy. As such, he has the run of the kingdom on Reign . When he's not making sweet, sexy love to his wife Kenna, he's taking the most expedient course of action, even if that's not the man he dreamed he'd be. That he's so conflicted about it only makes us love him more.

18. Jay Halstead - Chicago PD

There a lot of men to choose from on Chicago P.D., but Jay Halstead wins because he's had the most shirtless scenes, so deal with it! He also has a way with the ladies, including Lindsay. He works hard and plays harder. His inability to let things go and the way he fights for the underdog only makes him more appealing. We want.

19. Capt. Sean Renard - Grimm

Readers have suggested it might be written into Sasha Roiz's contract on Grimm that he has to suffer through at least two shirtless scenes a season. Hey, Capt. Sean Renard got the rotten side of the Wesen gene pool as a half-Zauberbiest. Not pretty, people. Not pretty. However, on the human side, he's tall, clearly dripping with impeccable genes, he's inelligent and, in most cases, easily walking the line between good and evil. Hot!

20. Sam Swarek - Rookie Blue

After 8-months undercover as a drug dealer, Sam Swarek had quite the chip on his shoulder when his next assignment was training rookie Andy McNally. Little did he know how the sparks would fly between them. Now a detective, Sam is calm, confident and sexier than ever.

21. Jim Gordon - Gotham

Jim Gordon spends his days putting Gotham's creepiest criminals behind bars. He may not have to deal with the likes of The Joker or Poison Ivy (yet), but he still keeps busy.

22. Captain Jake Broderick - The Mysteries of Laura

Captain Jake Broderick might book the criminals, but he let his detective wife get away. Now he's trying to make amends by inserting himself back in Laura Diamond’s life, as her boss. Time will tell if his bold move will pay off, but seeing this sexy father corral his two rambunctious boys while keeping hope alive for reigniting romance with his ex would make most woman more than willing to have him lay on the cuffs.

23. Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock. Dear goodness, where do we start? Benedict Cumberbatch plays the brilliant and flawed Sherlock Holmes with a cerebral allure and magnetism that makes our heads spin. Not to mention cheekbones we could cut our hands on. While Sherlock remains one of the most intelligent detectives there is, over the past few seasons we've seen him grow to be more than that, with his fierce dedication to his friends and his self-sacrifice. And while we're talking about sexiness - that kiss with Molly. Mercy.

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