Grey's Anatomy: 11 'Ships That Should Have Sailed!

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Before you work yourselves up in a tizzy about these selections, remember that no one is saying that they have to be endgame. 

Some of them would have been disastrous relationships if they were permanent. Others are physically impossible because the characters are long gone.

It's just in the history of the sexiest medical drama on television where hookups were aplenty, it's hard to believe that some of these "'ships" never sailed at least once. Even if they were a bump in the road towards the ultimate ship. 

How did some of these characters make it through the series without jumping each other's bones? Some of them were perfectly set up for it too. 

Do you have any weird or obscure Grey's 'ships you would have rooted for? Are there any couples that never happened but you feel totally should have? Hit the comments below!

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1. Meredith and Alex

Meredith and Alex
This one is a given. It's still a controversial choice after all these years, but they're the last two left, and it would totally make sense. Initially, the two of them probably should have had a one night stand back in the days when they were both young, screwed up interns.

Alex was as promiscuous as they came, and Meredith needed to blow off some steam a few times when she and McDreamy were on the outs. It certainly would have fared better than that dreaded Mer and George hookup.

Alex is back with Jo now, and Meredith is happy being single for the moment, but the thought of the two of them hooking up is a tempting one. As they have gotten older and closer, it would be less casual hookup and more of something meaningful that could lead to an endgame. Sure, their relationship can be viewed as siblings or BFF's, but c'mon, a Merlex 'ship would be epic.

2. Callie and Addison

Callie and Addison
I will go to the grave saying this pairing should have happened. When you think about it, we should have figured out that Callie was bisexual a long damn time ago. Maybe if she figured it out sooner we would have got this gem of a romantic pairing.

Callie and Addison were one of the best female friendships in the history of the show, but think about the possibilities of them as a romantic pairing. They oozed chemistry and understood each other to the core.

So many of their scenes were so damn flirty it was impossible to avoid shipping them. We could have had it all! This hookup wouldn't have just been a hookup. It should have happened, and it would have been endgame, dammit.

3. April and Owen

April and Owen
These two have an underrated relationship as well. They grew closer when April followed Owen overseas to assist him in the Middle East. He has been a mentor to her, and they became close friends. Owen showed up to support April on her wedding day, and April was Owen's Best (Wo)Man on HIS wedding day.

There is a very tight-knit bond that has formed between the two over the years and through both of their on-again-off-again relationships, something could have happened between the two of them. In fact, with April's downward spiral and Owen's singlehood, the pairing could totally hook up right now.

I can't be the only one who noticed the look they exchanged a couple of weeks ago. This pairing could serve as a casual hook-up, but in another time (and sorry Japril fans, it could very well be this one) the two would make the perfect couple. She's family-oriented and he's dying for a family. He already adores Harriet and April seems like she would be down for more kids. Endless possibilities here.

4. Cristina and Jackson

Cristina and Jackson
The idea of these two was teased way back when Crowen was on the fritz and Japril were just close friends catching flack from the others because they were Mercy Westers, and Jackson played "big bro" to April when Alex went too far.

Jackson was the hot newbie devoid of a cute nickname but no less worthy of one. He had all eyes for Cristina appreciating her competitive edginess, dry wit, and zero damns given personality.

Jackson was intrigued, and Cristina was not interested, but they had a pretty hot make-out session at a house party once. It didn't go any further than that, but it should have just once. Don't lie, you were into it.

5. Stephanie and Andrew

Stephanie and Andrew
There was a moment, back when Andrew was introduced and accidentally misled others into thinking he was an attending, that he and Stephanie had "a look." You know the look I'm talking about. The kind that ignites a new 'ship without a second thought. They were friendly and a bit flirty. It clearly was the show teasing something between the two, right? Wrong!

Stephanie didn't have much of a love life during her time on the show. She briefly had a relationship with Jackson and then another with a patient, and DeLuca ended up with Maggie briefly. There was ample time for this couple to come to fruition. They would have been spectacular sex buddies. They had a decent-ish friendship, but it could have and should have been so much more.

6. Teddy and Owen

Teddy and Owen
Owen is on this list a kajillion times because the man is very shippable but also pretty hard up for love. It shouldn't take so much to make this man happy. It really shouldn't. Sigh, but these two are long overdue for a hookup. In fact, they should surpass hookup and go ahead and get married and have babies or something.

It's ridiculous that they've been best friends for years and had such a rocky, messy relationship but still haven't found their way back to each other for good. They have the suckiest timing in the history of the show. Two ships in the night sailing past each other time after time. HOW have they not hooked up a few times by now? Teddy is returning and Owen is very single, so maybe it'll FINALLY happen.

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