Grey's Anatomy Midseason Report: What Worked and What Didn't!!

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Half of Grey's Anatomy Season 14 is under our belts, so it's time for a little review.

There have been many ups and a few downs as the fourteenth season tried it's hardest to bounce back from a lackluster season before. The question is did they succeed?

Below is a little midseason summary of what was a success so far this season, and what was lacking. Check it out as we break down what worked and what didn't. Then sound off below with your thoughts.

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1. Love Triangle - Worked

Love Triangle - Worked
After 13 years Grey's Anatomy did the impossible, they gave us the most mature love triangle ever. Megan's return could have led to some ugliness and angst, but it was so damn pleasant to watch because everyone was so mature. The only people weirded out about it was everyone else.

Meredith was overjoyed that Nathan could have his love story, so she encouraged him to fight for Megan. Megan was totally game for Nathan moving on with Meredith if he was happy. Meredith and Megan totally had a girl crush on each other. And when it was all said and done, there was no jealousy or animosity anywhere. It was a total love fest for everyone involved. It was pretty darn incredible.

2. Abigail Spencer as Megan Hunt - Worked

Abigail Spencer as Megan Hunt - Worked
Abigail Spencer breathed new life into this relatively unknown character. Megan was such a fun, interesting, refreshing character. Spencer had fantastic chemistry with McKidd. They felt like actual siblings when they were interacting with one another. Megan was feisty and determined, and in such a short time she left an impact. She commanded the screen every time she was shown. Hopefully, the door is open for her to drop in again.

3. Nathan's Understated Departure - Didn't Work

Nathan's Understated Departure - Didn't Work
Yes, it's nice that he got his happy ending and all of that, but his departure just sort of happened. There was no transition. The happy ending wasn't bad, but it was just one of those things where the character departed without much fanfare. It was so quiet and understated, and the buildup to it was non-existent.

I felt like we as viewers could have appreciated it more if there was some warning that he would be here today and gone tomorrow. He didn't even get to say goodbye to Owen, April, or Maggie. But, you know, cheers to the happy family!

4. Grey's 300 - Worked

Grey's 300 - Worked
The 300th episode of Grey's Anatomy was a momentous occasion and they celebrated it beautifully. Rather than doing a more traditional clip episode or attempting to bring tons of people back, they managed to pay homage and take us down memory lane in a creative way. It was full of callbacks, classic Grey's music, character mentions, and so much more.

The doppelganger medical case was definitely creative. The nostalgia was intense all the way through, and the ending was absolutely perfect. Meredith winning the Harper Avery, and hearing the beautiful speech her colleague and friend gave on her behalf while she looked up to the gallery to see her friends, family, and the proud ghost of Ellis is one of the greatest moments in the show's history. Meredith and Alex going back to their gurney and toasting to the occasion with Cristina over the phone hit us right in the feels. Honestly, the first half of the season could have ended with just that.

5. Cyber Attack - Didn't Work

Cyber Attack - Didn't Work
The midseason finale was the weakest episode of the season. The cyber attack plot was redundant for anyone who watched a handful of other medical shows already. It was generally frustrating all around when it mostly painted almost everyone in a negative light. The doctors of GSM came across incompetent at best, and other than Richard saving the day by being awesome as usual, the episode was boring.

6. Paul's Arrival - Worked (Barely)

Paul's Arrival - Worked (Barely)
Paul's arrival barely makes it on the list of things that worked. It mostly works because we've been waiting for him to pop back up and confront Jo for nearly two seasons now. It didn't make for a particularly fun or interesting cliffhanger. I stand by that because the fact of the matter is, it was long overdue. However; it does mean that this storyline can finally move forward, and that's why it works overall.

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