Grey's Anatomy Season 15: What Works and What Needs Work!

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It has been a pretty good season. 

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 has proven that this show still has it and can pull off solid storytelling and being entertaining all these years later. In many ways, this season is reminiscent of the earlier seasons with its balanced tone and humor. 

It's the Season of Love and evidence of that came in the form of a lovable patient Cece, Meredith dating, and her finding herself in a bit of a love triangle. 

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There are also 'ships going strong like Maggie and Jackson, Owen and Amelia, Levi and Nico, and Jo and Alex. 

The season has also shown that love comes in various forms with Amelia's love of Betty, Richard's love for his late sponsor and late colleague, and Tom's love and admiration for his mentor. 

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC. 

Check out the report card below and hit the comments. 

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1. Meredith Dating - Works

Meredith Dating - Works
Meredith keeping it fun, flirty, and casual with her dating life is refreshing. She has been on a series of dates and met a handful of guys, some of whom she connected with, like John. There is something lighthearted and freeing about Meredith dipping her foot into the dating pool. We have barely watched Mer date just to date. Thank the heavens for matchmaker Cece.

2. Mer's Love Triangle - Needs Work

Mer's Love Triangle - Needs Work
Neither of them seems like a decent match for Meredith, and it's NOT the age difference. We barely know anything about Link, and they haven't given us a reason to root for him outside of him being a fresh face. It's hard to believe Andrew would fall for the woman who threatened him to protect a very wrong Alex. It's hard to believe she would be interested in the guy who dated her little sister and was a homeless, depressed guy who slept on her couch, refused to shower and had to be taken care of. He has matured, but is he Daddy DeLuca to his widowed boss' kids mature? Meh.

3. A Touching Tribute - Worked

A Touching Tribute  - Worked
It's one of the best episodes of the season thus far, and it was a beautiful tribute to some of the characters Meredith lost along the way without necessarily being sad. It was a wonderful way of paying homage to a holiday like Día de los Muertos, It also highlighted Meredith's growth despite all the pain she endured.

4. Chief Alex - Works

Chief Alex - Works
Alex is a character that most of us can agree we wanted to see flourish and have more to do for multiple seasons now. He finally has something interesting going on serving as interim chief. It started off rocky, but it has been interesting so far, and his different techniques and everyone adjusting to him, as well as him adjusting to the job, have been fun.

5. Teddy's Secret Pregnancy - Didn't Work

Teddy's Secret Pregnancy - Didn't Work
Teddy returning had a lot of promise, but she backed out of serving as interim chief, treated almost everyone at the hospital like crap, and took way too long to tell Owen about the baby, and then did it in the worst way imaginable. What was the point of bringing Teddy back? She has been a waste for half the season.

6. The Shepherd - Hunt Family - Works

The Shepherd - Hunt Family - Works
Some of the most endearing moments of the season so far involve the family that Amelia and Owen have formed with Betty and Baby Leo. Owen and Amelia are funny and fabulous as parents trying to figure parenthood out while also figuring out their relationship too. They didn't need any complications, they have been amusing and heartwarming on their own.

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