Grey's Anatomy Season 15: What Works and What Needs Work!

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It has been a pretty good season. 

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 has proven that this show still has it and can pull off solid storytelling and being entertaining all these years later. In many ways, this season is reminiscent of the earlier seasons with its balanced tone and humor. 

It's the Season of Love and evidence of that came in the form of a lovable patient Cece, Meredith dating, and her finding herself in a bit of a love triangle. 

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There are also 'ships going strong like Maggie and Jackson, Owen and Amelia, Levi and Nico, and Jo and Alex. 

The season has also shown that love comes in various forms with Amelia's love of Betty, Richard's love for his late sponsor and late colleague, and Tom's love and admiration for his mentor. 

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC. 

Check out the report card below and hit the comments. 

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1. Meredith Dating - Works

Meredith Dating - Works
Meredith keeping it fun, flirty, and casual with her dating life is refreshing. She has been on a series of dates and met a handful of guys, some of whom she connected with, like John. There is something lighthearted and freeing about Meredith dipping her foot into the dating pool. We have barely watched Mer date just to date. Thank the heavens for matchmaker Cece.

2. Mer's Love Triangle - Needs Work

Mer's Love Triangle - Needs Work
Neither of them seems like a decent match for Meredith, and it's NOT the age difference. We barely know anything about Link, and they haven't given us a reason to root for him outside of him being a fresh face. It's hard to believe Andrew would fall for the woman who threatened him to protect a very wrong Alex. It's hard to believe she would be interested in the guy who dated her little sister and was a homeless, depressed guy who slept on her couch, refused to shower and had to be taken care of. He has matured, but is he Daddy DeLuca to his widowed boss' kids mature? Meh.

3. A Touching Tribute - Worked

A Touching Tribute  - Worked
It's one of the best episodes of the season thus far, and it was a beautiful tribute to some of the characters Meredith lost along the way without necessarily being sad. It was a wonderful way of paying homage to a holiday like Día de los Muertos, It also highlighted Meredith's growth despite all the pain she endured.

4. Chief Alex - Works

Chief Alex - Works
Alex is a character that most of us can agree we wanted to see flourish and have more to do for multiple seasons now. He finally has something interesting going on serving as interim chief. It started off rocky, but it has been interesting so far, and his different techniques and everyone adjusting to him, as well as him adjusting to the job, have been fun.

5. Teddy's Secret Pregnancy - Didn't Work

Teddy's Secret Pregnancy - Didn't Work
Teddy returning had a lot of promise, but she backed out of serving as interim chief, treated almost everyone at the hospital like crap, and took way too long to tell Owen about the baby, and then did it in the worst way imaginable. What was the point of bringing Teddy back? She has been a waste for half the season.

6. The Shepherd - Hunt Family - Works

The Shepherd - Hunt Family - Works
Some of the most endearing moments of the season so far involve the family that Amelia and Owen have formed with Betty and Baby Leo. Owen and Amelia are funny and fabulous as parents trying to figure parenthood out while also figuring out their relationship too. They didn't need any complications, they have been amusing and heartwarming on their own.

7. Link - Needs Work

Link - Needs Work
There is nothing wrong with Link; he's just underdeveloped. He had a few shining moments when we got to know him, but the problem is we barely know anything about him. It sucks more when he's presented as a possible suitor for Meredith. Link has hit on every female attending and mostly receives the "man meat" edit. He has potential with his friendship with Jo, excellent bedside manner, and his backstory of having Leukemia as a kid, but he needs work.

8. DeLuca's Glow Up - Works

DeLuca's Glow Up - Works
If you are a long-time DeLuca fan like myself, you have to be pleased with his development this season. He's finally back on track to being that awesome guy and competent doctor that he was when he was first introduced. He has matured, and he's confident and sexy. It's everything some of us have been dying to see for two seasons now. He's gained fans and popularity, and he has "leading man" swagger. It's awesome.

9. Maggie's Personal Growth - Works

Maggie's Personal Growth - Works
Remember the early days when M.A.G.I.C were messy interns who were figuring out who they were and figuring out how to be in relationships? That's what Maggie is doing -- she's becoming self-aware and on a path of self-discovery. She excels at her job, but when it comes to everything else, she's just figuring out life like other characters were allowed to do. Sure, it leads to some relationship angst, but the growing pains are what make Maggie and her journey compelling. She's learning and evolving. It's called character development, and it has been lovely so far.

10. Jackson's Faith Arc and OOCness - Didn't Work

Jackson's Faith Arc and OOCness - Didn't Work
Initially, Jackson embarking on a journey to discover his faith was promising and had potential. Unfortunately, it's mostly been Jackson emulating April's faith journey instead of discovering his own. It had him behaving out of character and also doing some of the same things he used to detest about April. He left out of the blue without communicating and only came back because of a case. He's frustrated with Maggie for not understanding his faith when he's the one who changed his perspective. He was keeping secrets, emotionally opening up to other women, gaslighting, deflecting, and refusing to take accountability for his actions.

11. Schmico - Needs Work

Schmico - Needs Work
As a couple, these two are the hottest 'ship on the series right now. The payoff, especially in the midseason finale, has been worth the wait. Their budding relationship has given Levi a chance to shine and stand out as a character. He's so endearing. The ONLY downside is the relationship is imbalanced because we don't know much of anything about Nico. Their hot and heavy make-out session is awesome, but when the show returns, I'm going to need more.

12. Amelia's Evolution and Motherhood - Works

Amelia's Evolution and Motherhood - Works
Amelia has been on the up for the past season and a half, and she's all the better for it. One of the best things about her arc is that her relationship with Owen has been almost secondary to her evolution. Her primary focus has been building a relationship with Betty, making peace with losing her child, and realizing that she has become a mother. Motherhood suits Amelia, and her scenes with Betty or scenes in which she's grappling with her love for this teenager are beautiful.

13. Tom Koracick - Works

Tom Koracick - Works
Koracick started off as an arrogant jerk, but he has since proven to be a man of many layers and depth. He's one of the best recurring characters presently on the series. He has amazing chemistry with just about all the characters. He adds comedic relief while also offering sage advice and imparting unexpected wisdom that he draws from his personal experience. He's brutally honest, and he's a fantastic doctor at that. He's the ultimate scene-stealer whenever he's on the screen. There's never too much Koracick.

14. Nico - Needs Work

Nico - Needs Work
Nico came in at the same time as Link, and we know less about him than we do Link, which is pretty much zilch. He's out and proud gay, he has the hots for Levi, and I think he's an Ortho resident?! Not only does he have less development than Link, but he has less screentime too, and half of that he didn't even have lines. Now that Schmico has sailed, can we get more Nico background, please?!

15. Jo and Miranda's Partnership - Works

Jo and Miranda's Partnership  - Works
Everything about Jo is working so far this season. These two have an unexpected chemistry that has led to some damn good scenes. Jo works best when paired up with strong, female superiors, and Bailey works well when she has a mentee under her wing. They are both super passionate about their project, and they have been a joy to watch.

16. Richard's Spiral - Works

Richard's Spiral -  Works
Richard has been long overdue for a meaty storyline that uses him to the best of his abilities, and his downward spiral since the death of his sponsor did exactly that. It was beautifully paced as his impending breakdown built up over time with the loss of Frankie pushing him over the edge. James Pickens Jr. gave an award-worthy performance unleashing his grief and anger at the bar. We can probably expect more in the wake of Catherine's diagnosis.

17. Miranda and Ben's "Sabbatical" - Didn't Work

Miranda and Ben's "Sabbatical" - Didn't Work
Honestly, WTF?! Bailey choosing to separate from Ben, or take a sabbatical from their marriage had to be the most ridiculous storyline of the season thus far. Bailey's reasoning made zero sense. She thought she would stop stressing and worrying about him if they were apart, but wouldn't she still worry about him and stress out if he lived somewhere else? Wouldn't that stress her out more?! Ben was just as dumbfounded as I was.

18. Awesome Cases and Patients - Works

Awesome Cases and Patients - Works
We've had time to get to know and love Cece, so we're invested in her outcome. Our hearts broke for the bike girl who died when Cece was brought in, or with the selfie stick girl. There is a long list of patients and cases that actually stood out because they weren't an afterthought, at least they didn't feel that way.

19. New Dynamics and Friendship - Works

New Dynamics and Friendship - Works
The friendship is in full-force on Grey's Anatomy this season. We have people hanging out together outside of work, or forming new bonds with people at work. There are different pairings that are enjoyable to watch like Meredith and Teddy, or Jackson and Alex, or who would have thought DeLuca would casually hang out with let alone crash with Jackson and Maggie? It certainly beats all the bickering and infighting that happened a couple of seasons ago. Also, with so many new and recurring characters, there are so many variations to explore.

20. Jolex - Works

Jolex - Works
Jo is free from Paul. Alex has a new position leading the hospital. They're married. Things are going well for Jolex. It's a breath of fresh air. They're both so happy together, and their relationship is so much more entertaining and enjoyable now that it's free of drama. They're in a good place, and they're adorable together.

21. Lightheartedness, Fun, and Humor - Works

Lightheartedness, Fun, and Humor - Works
The show will always be an emotional one that will take you on a ride, but what has been refreshing so far this season is the lighthearted tone. It's not all angsty and sad. This season humor has been infused in nearly every episode with actual laugh-out-loud moments. The series has lightened up a great deal, and that has made it more fun.

22. Jaggie - Sort of Works

Jaggie - Sort of Works
Jackson and Maggie were doing fine in their relationship, and they're adorable together. There wasn't too much to complain about, but Jackson's absence and the results of it (the other women and April confession) made things odd. The only complaint about Jaggie is how Jackson's weird OOC behavior offset a series of issues where there were mixed messages and contrived drama just for the sake of conflict. What's weirder is that it's almost guaranteed to disappear when the series returns because Catherine's health will take precedence.

23. The Season Overall - Worked

The Season Overall - Worked
Grey's has found that balance again of emotional, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and funny. There are many different components to the season that are working for it. Meredith is in a good place and seemingly happy. There are relationship woes but nothing too overbearing, and most of the couples are happy. The cases and medicine have been entertaining. It has been a stronger season so far.

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