Here's Who Lived and Who Died in Game of Thrones' Battle of Winterfell

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Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones marked the battle viewers have all been waiting for. 

Yes, we're talking about the Battle of Winterfell. 

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3, titled "The Long Night," featured many deaths as the living went to war with the dead. 

Some huge characters were lost, while others who were likely to die, lived to fight another week. 

Have a look at our full rundown of who lived, and who died on the episode. 

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Game of Thrones continues Sunday on HBO. 

1. Eddison Tollett - Dead

Eddison Tollett - Dead
Edd was killed early into the Battle of Winterfell. He was killed by a wight while trying to protect Sam.

2. Lady Lyanna Mormont - Dead

Lady Lyanna Mormont - Dead
Lyanna was squeezed to death by a giant wight during the fight. In a truly heroic moment, she managed to stab the villain in the eye with some dragonglass. Yes, she took him down with her.

3. Theon Greyjoy - Dead

Theon Greyjoy - Dead
Theon was stabbed by the Night King after vowing to protect Bran in the Godswood during the battle.

4. The Night King - Dead

The Night King - Dead
Arya got her hero moment during the final minutes of "The Long Night." She appeared out of the shadows, stabbed him with Littlefinger's Valyrian steel blade. His entire army died as a result.

5. Jorah Mormont - Dead

Jorah Mormont - Dead
Jorah defended Daenerys ... right up to his final breath.

6. Beric Dondarrion - Dead

Beric Dondarrion - Dead
Beric died during the battle. He made sure that Arya was safe to take down the Night King.

7. Melisandre - Dead

Melisandre - Dead
Melisandre returned after some time away, and she used all of her power to keep people alive. She also helped Arya realize what she needed to do. In the end, she took off her necklace and died outside Winterfell as her much-older self.

8. Jon Snow - Alive

Jon Snow - Alive
Despite several near-death encounters, Jon survived to fight another day.

9. Sansa Stark - Alive

Sansa Stark - Alive
Despite being sent to the crypts of Winterfell, the Lady of the North managed to survive.

10. Arya Stark - Alive

Arya Stark - Alive
Arya managed to survive various attempts on her life, and killed the Night King.

11. Daenerys Targaryen - Alive

Daenerys Targaryen - Alive
Despite being knocked off her dragon and sent into the battleground, the mother of Dragons survived. It's all thanks to Jorah for refusing to leave her side.

12. Tyrion Lannister - Alive

Tyrion Lannister - Alive
Tyrion made a comment pre-battle that he thought he and others were going to survive. They did.

13. Jaime Lannister - Alive

Jaime Lannister - Alive
Did you really think Game of Thrones would off Jaime ahead of the battle at King's Landing?

14. Samwell Tarly - Alive

Samwell Tarly - Alive
Samwell found himself in a string of deadly scenarios, but he survived.

15. The Hound - Alive

The Hound - Alive
He may not sit atop the Iron Throne, but he sprung into action when he needed to.

16. Brienne of Tarth - Alive

Brienne of Tarth - Alive
Even though it looked like she died on several occasions, she survived.

17. Bran Stark - Alive

Bran Stark - Alive
Bran was the one who gave Arya the dagger that killed the Night King and the undead. Of course, he survived.

18. Greyworm - Alive

Greyworm - Alive
The Unsullied may have diminished numbers, but Greyworm survived.

19. Ser Davos - Alive

Ser Davos - Alive
Ser Davos got to witness Melisandre dying after the battle was won.

20. Gendry - Alive

Gendry - Alive
Gendry did not die during the episode, and there's a frame of him in the teaser for the next episode.

21. Podrick Payne - Alive

Podrick Payne - Alive
Like Brienne and Jaime, Podrick took a lot of hits from the wights, but he survived.

22. Tormund - Alive

Tormund - Alive
Tormund's survived many attempts on his life, but he'll still be saying crazy things about his life for the rest of the season.

23. Drogon and Rhaegal - Alive

Drogon and Rhaegal - Alive
Drogon returned to the side of Daenerys when Jorah died, while Rhaegal was in the trailer for Episode 4.

24. Viserion - Deader than Dead

Viserion - Deader than Dead
Viserion joined the Night King's army, but he died as a result of Arya stabbing the Night King.

25. Gilly - Alive

Gilly - Alive
Gilly was in the crypt and survived when the people buried beneath rose from the dead.

26. Missandei - Alive

Missandei - Alive
Did you think Greyworm and Missandei's love story was going to be cut short?

27. Ghost - Alive

Ghost - Alive
Ghost's fate was left up in the air after the battle, but the teaser for Episode 4 confirmed he survived.

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