How 17 Jewish TV Characters Might Spend the High Holidays

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Fall is not only a great time to be a TV Fanatic; it's a great time to be Jewish!

The Jewish Holiday Season is upon us. As we Jewish fans balance our overloaded DVRs and hectic holiday schedules, one cannot help but wonder how our favorite Jewish characters are spending the holidays. Are they praying in Shul, having elaborate family dinners, or is it just business as usual?

Jewish representation has evolved a great deal over the years. While jews themselves were always prominent in the entertainment business in America, significant Jewish characters and Jewish plots did not crop up until the 1970s.

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There was a lapse in the 1980s, but then the 1990s gave us Seinfeld, and the rest is history. Today shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Broad City focus on Jewish characters, while other shows like Arrow have awesome and empowering characters who just happen to be Jewish.

There are all different kinds of Jews out there, and not all of them are very observant; many let holidays pass without acknowledgment. However, even for lapsed Jews, this time of year usually holds some significance.

Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of a New Year, a time for celebration and reflection; people go to shul and have large fests with there families.

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The following week, Yom Kippur is a day of Atonement for past sins; we fast from sunset to sundown the following day so we can focus on our prayers without the distraction of mortal pleasures.

Again, I ask the question, who our favorite characters celebrate, and in what ways do they honor their culture? Let's speculate together in this list of Jewish Characters and What They Are Doing This Holiday Season.


1. Miriam (Midge) Maisel -- The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Given that Midge's family fell apart last Yom Kippur, she may not be looking forward to the holidays this year. Still, as she is living with her parents who are active members of the Jewish community, it is likely that she will be partaking in a big feast with her family. The meal probably won't be 100% kosher, but it should include all the cultural staples one would expect of a culturally Jewish family. Who wants brisket?

2. Felicty Smoak -- Arrow

Given how last season ended and the previews for season seven, it is unlikely Felicity has time for anything except running for her life with her stepson William. She may end up fasting for Yom Kippur, but it probably will be more of a "we don't have anything to eat" situation. Better luck next year!

3. Rory Regan (Ragman) -- Arrow

We have not seen Rory Regan since season five, so it is anyone's guess what he is up to. Still, he came from a clearly Jewish background, and his superpower came from biblical magic, so if anyone in Arrow is going to praise God in the Jewish tradition, it would be Ragman. Hopefully, he's living a peaceful life and has found a nice Jewish community to welcome him with open arms.

4. Howard Wolowitz -- The Big Bang Theory

Howard has surely spent many holidays with his mother and his extended family. However, now that his mother is deceased and he is married to a shiksa, it's his choice whether or not to partake in the tradition. Bernadette went to Catholic school, and would probably be uncomfortable at the Rosh Hashanah dinner table, so we can assume Howard is going to skip it this year.

5. Abbi Abrams and Ilana Wexler -- Broad City

The last time we caught up with the Broad City girls on Yom Kippur, they were struggling to fast. Ilana caved towards the end of the fast, sneaking candy and whipped cream. Once Abbi noticed, after a brief confrontation, she followed her friends lead. We can probably assume that this year will be no different.

6. Schmidt -- New Girl

Yes, Schmidt married a shiksa, but that does not mean his very Jewish Long Island mom would let him get away with skipping out on the holidays. Knowing how proud Schmidt is to be Jewish, he may not want to. He loves to cook and host, so maybe his mothers will even come to him this year. Then for the fast, well, if Schmidt could lose all that weight, he can surely go twenty-five hours without food or drink, right?

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