Jane the Virgin Series Finale Spoiler Photos: A Happy Ending

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As we prepare to bid this beloved show farewell, take a look through our gallery of photos from Jane the Virgin's 100th and final episode and watch Jane the Virgin online to catch up on episodes. 

1. It's Time to Say Goodbye

It's Time to Say Goodbye
When Jane the Virgin first began airing promos in the summer of 2014, the concept of the show sounded rather silly. A telenovela-style show about a virgin who is accidentally artificially inseminated didn't wow audiences.

No one thought the show would last let alone become a fun, heartfelt, relatable family drama that would make Gina Rodriguez a household name and go on to win her a Golden Globe award. But alas friends, it did exactly all of that ... and more.

It brought magic to the screen that has yet to be replicated by another show. Jane the Virgin broke barriers when it came to diversity; it celebrated Latino culture all while indulging in telenovela dramatics and some magical realism. On Wednesday, we say goodbye to the titular heroine and her family, the family that over the years became ours.

But before the dreaded "The End" flashes across the screen (I'm already getting goosebumps), Jennie Snyder Urman teased a finale that will honor the Villaneuva women, weave in familiar elements from prior seasons and have us gushing 'aww' and gasping 'ay dios mio' in the same breath. It is a telenovela after all.

2. Goodbye Swing

Goodbye Swing
If you've been watching Jane the Virgin as religiously as I have, you know why I'm starting with this photo. It all begins and ends on this porch swing. This photo captures the essence of the series: three generations of strong, Latina women who have rejoiced, worried, cried and consoled each other on this very swing. Seeing them sit on it one last time, right before Jane marries Rafael and Xiomara possibly moves to New York, is enough to make anyone weep.

3. It's Time for a Wedding

It's Time for a Wedding
Alba will be officiating Jane and Rafael's wedding, and though it seems she's terribly worried about something -- how could she not be? Have you seen their luck? -- Rafael's calm and collected demeanor proves that he's ready to face any telenovela-dramatics with Jane by his side.

4. It's Finally Happening

It's Finally Happening
Alba and Xo have been Jane's constant for her whole life. They're always one call away and have been there as she welcomed Mateo, grieved Michael, and encouraged her to move on with Rafael. They'll support her no matter what happens as long as she's following her heart.

5. Something's Gone Awry

Something's Gone Awry
But as the narrator loves to remind us, this is a telenovela and things can't stay perfect for too long. Jane and Rafael are used to bumps in the road and their trip towards the alter will likely be no different. Urman teased that a lot of the finale drama surrounds Jane's book deal. Let's hope it can all wait until after they say 'I do.'

6. Blushing Bride

Blushing Bride
Jane is glowing in this photo as she prepares for her big day, one that's been in the making for five seasons. Urman teased that they will honor the structure of telenovelas "which means the good people get happy endings and the evil villains get what they deserve.” That's a relief.

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Jane the Virgin Quotes

I know it's hard to see. But I do believe there's a plan. To all of this. And I know you are going to be okay.


Jane: This is so stupid! I'm married. I wanted it to be gone. I don't know. I just.. I feel weird. Like... I lost something, like a part of my identity.
Xo: Yeah, I get that. And I blame the flower.
Jane: What?
Xo: It's perfect, untouched. Then crumple it up, now it's ruined.
Jane: I know I'm not ruined.
Xo: But you feel like you lost something, and you didn't. You just gained something. A whole new dimension of your life, your relationship.