Jane The Virgin: Answers We Need Before The Series Ends

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Jane the Virgin is coming to an end and though we're still heartbroken about it, we have some burning questions. 

Fans have been dedicated to the series, the Villanueva women, and the show's ships for five years, so it's pertinent that the series finale is satisfying and offers closure.

The series finale episode coincides with the show's 100th episode meaning there's plenty of time to address everything and even give the character's the proper send-off.

Some of our questions have been lingering since the very first episode while others are a direct result of the major cliffhanger on Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 17

Check them out below and while you prepare to watch Jane the Virgin online, let us know what your perfect series finale looks like. 

Jane the Virgin's finale season premieres March 27th on The CW.

1. Is Michael Really Back?

Is Michael Really Back?
The cliffhanger for Jane the Virgin Season 4 revealed that Michael was still alive. Or it was someone that looked like Michael as there have been plenty of theories about his resurrection. Personally, I'm leaning towards Michael having amnesia only because there was a scene where Rogelio and River fought about amnesia being a huge part of their script.

Jane the Virgin writers love to leave little Easter eggs so I believe it was foreshadowing Michael's return with amnesia. As Rogelio said, it's a classic telenovela twist. Michael's or doppelganger Michael's appearance will most likely be addressed in the season premiere.

2. How Did Rose Know About Michael?

How Did Rose Know About Michael?
Rose told Raf she had news that was going to change his life forever. But how would she know about Michael unless she's the one that kidnapped him? She's done it before to Mateo. Rose has also proven to be a master of disguises, so it's entirely possible that one of her minions is wearing a mask to portray Michael. She would do just about anything to get her claws on Luisa again.

3. What Happens to Luisa?

What Happens to Luisa?
Raf was trying to protect Luisa from her psychotic ex-girlfriend Rose aka Sin Rostro but if she handed over the information about Michael, it's safe to assume that he handed over Luisa's hideout location. I'm not really sure what Luisa's destiny is but for her sake, I hope she finds peace somewhere where she can zen out without manipulative and psychotic people around. I'm looking at you, Rose.

4. Who Are Raf's Parents?

Who Are Raf's Parents?
Raf was initially in contact with Rose to find out more about his birth parents. Finding his parents has been a long and winding journey for Rafael so for this storyline to make any sense, we need to find out who they are. If the writers are going to take away Raf's happy ending with Jane, let's hope they at least give him a good set of parents! He doesn't need any more drama.

5. Who is Jane's Endgame?

Who is Jane's Endgame?
I imagine Jane running to Rafael and pulling the classic CW line, "It's always been you." Jane is in an unthinkable situation if Michael really is alive. Who does she pick, Michael or Rafael? She loved Michael; he's her husband. But she also grieved him and moved on with Rafael, the man she loves right now. In fact, she loves Rafael so much she was ready to say 'yes' to his marriage proposal, move in with him and start their whole family just mere hours before Michael's resurrection. Personally, I'm Team Rafael on this one. He waited long enough to get the girl! Don't come at me Team Michael fans.

6. JR Shot Who?

JR Shot Who?
"It's you." Petra clearly recognized the mystery assailant and blackmailer just before JR ran in and shot them. But who was it? Petra's accumulated her fair share of enemies but going down the list of possibilities it could be Milos, Magda, or Chuck. Heck, it could even be Anezka or Scott. Yes, they're supposed to be dead but so was Michael and well, you know the rest.

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