Jason Dohring Introduces Detective Will Kinney, Previews The Originals Season 3

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Brace yourselves. Logan Echolls‚Äč Jason Dohring is coming to The Originals Season 3. YES! So exciting! 

The former-sort-of-still "bad boy" of Neptune is picking up a badge in New Orleans as Detective Will Kinney, a cop who begins investigating a series of mysterious murders taking place in the Quarter. He enlists the help of Cami O'Connell and asks her to profile the killer.

How long before he discovers the supernatural elements afoot in both the town and the bayou? Our best guess is not very long at all. This is Klaus' New Orleans, after all. And might we see a love triangle develop between our new cop, Cami, and Klaus Mikaelson? We certainly hope so!

Hear what Jason Dohring had to say about joining The Originals in the third season, his character, and more, now!

1. Jason Dohring Introduces Detective Will Kinney

There's a new guy in the Quarter on The Originals Season 3! Jason Dohring introduces Detective Will Kinney in our exclusive set interview!

2. Jason Dohring Joins The Originals Season 3

Jason Dohring joins The Originals Season 3 as Detective Will Kinney! What's it been like coming into the show in the third season? Watch now!

3. Jason Dohring on Being Human

Jason Dohring discusses what it's like to play one of the only humans in a world full of supernatural creatures on The Originals Season 3.

4. Jason Dohring Talks Love Triangles

Is Cami O'Connell getting a love interest on The Originals Season 3? Is it someone other than Klaus? Jason Dohring might have the answer!

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