Joseph Morgan Discusses Evolution of Klaus, Cami and Long Lost Love!

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After six seasons of playing Klaus Mikaelson, Joseph Morgan seems just as jazzed as ever to play such a devilish and devious character. (We're totally on board with, like, six more seasons of the Mikaelsons, FYI.)

During a set visit in Atlanta, reporters sat down with Joseph Morgan to talk about The Originals Season 3 and what's coming for his character. Among the topics of conversation? Flames old and new, raising Hope, and his relationship with Hayley.

Klaus has quite a few women in his life and none of them will be happy with him all the time. 


1. Joseph Morgan Discusses the Evolution of Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson has gone from Big Bad to anti-hero over six seasons. Find out what Joseph Morgan thinks about the character's development now!

2. Joseph Morgan Talks Klaus and Cami

What's up with Klamille on The Originals Season 3? Joseph Morgan talked to reporters about Klaus and Cami during a recent press trip in Atlanta!

3. Joseph Morgan on Klaus' Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Klaus Mikaelson's crazy ex-girlfriend, Aurora, is back in town on The Originals Season 3! And yeah, she's crazy. Watch Joseph Morgan talk Aurora now!

4. Joseph Morgan on Hope and Hayley

Klaus, Hayley, and Hope make up one dysfunctional family on The Originals Season 3. Joseph Morgan talks about how they're making it work!

5. Joseph Morgan Discusses The Strix, Klaus' Relationship With Marcel

Klaus and Marcel are old friends, so how does Marcel's initiation into the Strix hurt that? We sat down with Joseph Morgan of The Originals to find out.

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Klaus! Get out here and tell me what you've done with our brother you narcissistic, back-stabbing wanker!


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