Juan Pablo Di Pace Elimination Leaves Dancing with the Stars Fans Stunned

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Dancing with the Stars is no stranger to controversy, and much of that stems from the viewer vote saving some of the more marginal performers. 

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However, Monday night's episode was met with fury from fans because Juan Pablo Di Pace was given the boot after scoring two perfect scores on the night. 

Fans took to social media in the aftermath to vent because it will go down as one of the most stunning eliminations in the history of the series. 


1. WTH Is Going On?!

WTH Is Going On?!
Juan Pablo and Cheryl went with the Argentine Tango to "Libertango" from Forever Tango. It won them praise from the judges, and a perfect score of 30/30.

They followed that up a sultry Salsa to "Tu Sonrisa" by Elvis Crespo. It landed them another perfect score!

However, the pair was sent home at the close of the episode despite being the only couple to get two perfect scores in one night. Yikes.


Juan Pablo knew fans were unimpressed with the result, so he thanked them "for the outrage."


This Twitter user makes some great points.

4. We Demand JUSTICE

You know something's amiss when Len Goodman speaks in your favor.

5. A Quick Fix

A Quick Fix
Wouldn't it be great if the judges could save one contestant per season if they thought the result was not the right one?

6. It's Not About Popularity!

It's Not About Popularity!
This Twitter user is right. The voting system needs to be switched up or the show is going to lose credibility.

7. At Least They Got One Right

At Least They Got One Right
Joe Amabile has been circling the drain all season long, so it was time for his luck to run out. However, Juan Pablo was up there as one of the best.

8. Who Needs a Showmance?

Who Needs a Showmance?
This Twitter user is not a fan of showmances.

9. Your Vote Matters

Your Vote Matters
This user had the perfect response for people complaining about the result.

10. SHAME!

Another user felt like Alexis should have gone instead of Juan Pablo. Are we sensing a pattern here?

11. Leave Bobby Alone!

Leave Bobby Alone!
Bobby was one of people who some viewers think should have went home instead of Juan Pablo, but this Twitter user thinks the radio personality has it in the bag.

12. Juan Pablo Was The Best ... Okay?

Juan Pablo Was The Best ... Okay?
Many thought Juan Pablo was the best dancer, and those two perfect scores on his final episode lead us to think he was.

13. Here's Some BITTER Food

Here's Some BITTER Food
One user opted to give Len Goodman some pickled walnuts. Okay then.

14. A Not So Perfect Outcome

A Not So Perfect Outcome
There's no denying that the above could have become a reality if the pair got to stay in the game for one more week.

15. Is a DWTS Boycott on the Horizon?

Is a DWTS Boycott on the Horizon?
It only takes one sour season to make viewers look elsewhere for entertainment.

16. He Grew on Me!

He Grew on Me!
Like most viewers, the above one was not impressed with the cast this season, but then Juan Pablo started pulling in perfect scores.

17. Learn to Vote!

Learn to Vote!
Another user complained about people not voting.

18. You CHEATED Juan Pablo!

You CHEATED Juan Pablo!
Nobody likes a cheat, and this viewer is done with the show.

19. Cancel It Already!

Cancel It Already!
This appears to have been a theme on social media.

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