Keeping Up with the Kardashians: 17 Things We Learned About Kim’s Paris Robbery

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Paris may be the city of lights, but it took a dark turn for the Kim on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 13 Episode 2.

The second episode of the season brought us back to October of 2016 when the reality st ar was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, France.

The episode told the story of Kim’s trip to Paris from the good (seeing Kendall walk in fashion shows, getting fitted for fabulous clothes) to the bad. It was an hour filled with emotions, for Kim, the rest of her family, and everyone watching at home.

There was also a lot more to the story than the press revealed, and hearing it from Kim’s point of view provided a lot of new details for fans. Check out all of the details from the episode, and head to the comments to tell us how you felt watching.

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1. They Never Stopped Filming

They Never Stopped Filming
There were a lot of conflicting reports that came out in the media about whether or not Keeping Up with the Kardashians halted production or not after the incident, but when Kim landed in New York the next morning, she was recorded from the moment she got out of the car.

2. Kourtney Almost Didn’t Make The Trip

Kourtney Almost Didn’t Make The Trip
Kourtney almost wasn’t allowed to fly to Paris because her passport was set to expire in less than three months. I’m not saying that the robbery wouldn’t have happened if Kourtney didn’t come, but it’s interesting because Kim’s bodyguard was out with Kourtney when the attack happened.

It was also Kim’s first time back at Paris Fashion Week in two years. I couldn’t help but think “what if” after they pointed all of this out during the show.

3. Kanye’s Documentary Crew Captured His Initial Reaction

Kanye’s Documentary Crew Captured His Initial Reaction
Kanye actually flew to Paris for 12 hours the day before the robbery because he didn’t like the outfit Kim was wearing on her Instagram. After a few quick fashion tips, he went back to New York for his concert. The night of the robbery, one of his crew members stopped the show during his song “Heartless” to tell Kanye about what happened to Kim.

He said “Family emergency, sorry, I have to stop the show,” and ran off. It was all captured by his camera crew for his mysterious documentary. (This is the same crew who recorded Kanye’s conversation with Taylor Swift, so you know they’re good).

4. The Scene At The Club

The Scene At The Club
Kourtney found out something was wrong when one of their makeup artists, Simone, texted her “who is here with Kim?” when she was at the club. Simone was also in the apartment but on a different floor. Kim called Kourtney screaming for help moments later.

Kardashian hairstylist Jen Atkin told Kendall, who was also at the club, and they immediately ran out to get to Kim. Kendall recalled Kim was in the corner hysterically crying when they got to the Paris apartment after the robbery.

5. Calling Kris

Calling Kris
Kim called her mother right after she hung up with Kourtney, and Kris woke up and ran to Kim. “You can’t run down the hall with no clothes on,” her boyfriend Cory screamed to her. Kris said the only thing she could think to do was grab a blanket to wrap around Kim.

6. Where Was Khloe?

Where Was Khloe?
Khloe was in Cleveland (with new boyfriend Tristian Thompson) the night of the robbery. Kourtney called her and told her what happened. “You feel so helpless,” she explained. Khloe flew to LA to wait for Kim to come home. Rounding out the siblings’ reactions, Rob FaceTimed Kim to check on her.

7. All Kim Wanted To Do Was See Her Kids

All Kim Wanted To Do Was See Her Kids
Kim put on a brave face to reunite with North and Saint in New York. The second she got out of the elevator, she played with her daughter and told her she missed her. Kim also asked Kanye not to talk about what happened in front of the kids because she didn’t want to scare them.

8. Kanye’s Take

Kanye’s Take
Kanye initially thought the robbers were young kids messing with Kim. When he found out they were in their 40s or 50s, he said they should have known not to mess with her. If they had hurt Kim physically, he said “I wouldn’t have stopped until they were dead.”

9. Security Protocol

Security Protocol
Contrary to popular belief, Kim revealed that the Kardashians never have security guarding their doors at night. It is clear that is going to change.

10. Addressing The Haters

Addressing The Haters
Kim was back on her phone a few days after the robbery, and was shocked to find out people doubting the attack. “Why would I want to look unsafe for more people to target me?” she asked her mom and Cory. There was speculation that it was all fake and done for publicity, but personally, I think the Kardashians get enough attention without having to involve the law.

11. An Eerie Conversation

An Eerie Conversation
It was super creepy to hear Kourtney recall talking to Kim and their friends about what they would do if someone attacked them earlier that day. Kim said she would hand over whatever they wanted, and that is exactly what she did when it happened to her hours later.

12. Cop Confusion

Cop Confusion
When the Paris police arrived to Kim’s room, they were dressed in the same uniforms as the men who robbed Kim. The only difference was they were not wearing masks. Still, it was hard for her to know who to believe.

13. Follow Me

Follow Me
After looking back on the robbery, Kim thinks the men were following her every move the whole trip. She thinks they were standing across the street from the hotel, figured out the Kardashians were the on the first floor and waited for the lights to go off. They also knew that Kim was home without Pascal because of social media.

14. The Concierge's Role

The Concierge's Role
The hotel concierge was handcuffed and forced to open the door to Kim’s room. He told her they asked him “where’s the rapper’s wife?” and held a gun to his head. The concierge also acted as an interrupter because Kim couldn’t understand what the robbers were asking for, and she told him to tell them “I have babies.”

15. Making A Run For It

Making A Run For It
After the men dragged her into the hallway, Kim got a clear shot of the gun. She debated trying to run to the elevator or the stairs, but worried she didn’t have enough time, and the stairs would be locked or the elevator wouldn’t close before they could shoot her.

16. Kim Feared The Worst

Kim Feared The Worst
After they took what they wanted from the room, Kim, who was only wearing a robe, was thrown onto the bed. After they duct-taped her hands and mouth, she thought they were going to rape her. Instead, they duct-taped her legs, threw her into the bathroom and made a run for it.

17. Thinking of Kourtney

Thinking of Kourtney
Kim said she thought about her husband and kids while she was feared for her life, but also worried about Kourtney. “I pray that she has a normal life after she sees me dead on the bed,” Kim explained.

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