Legacies Season 1 Report Card: Best Episode, Worst 'Ship, & More!

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It's hard to believe it, but there's a third entry into The Vampire Diaries universe. 

Legacies Season 1 was a surprising series. It gave the franchise a new lick of paint and breathed new life into one that many thought would die with the conclusion of The Originals. 

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It made a splash from the get-go because it took on a monster-of-the-week format that was very reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

In short, the series helped bring old fans of the franchise back, while also serving as a jumping off point for new fans. 

It's time to give the series the report card treatment!

If you missed any episode, or just want to spend more time in the world, remember you can watch Legacies online right here via TV Fanatic. 

1. Best Episode - Malivore

Best Episode - Malivore
Legacies Season 1 Episode 5, titled "Malivore" was the installment that sold the series to many fans. While the earlier episodes were decent, the mystery of the place where the creatures were coming from was explored.

The characters were all served very well with storylines that changed things up, and the Dryad was the first creature that made viewers realize these beings were being ripped from their slumber to steal the artifacts.

It was a well-rounded installment that showed how high the stakes were.

2. Worst Episode - Death Keeps Knocking On My Door

Worst Episode - Death Keeps Knocking On My Door
As the midseason finale, the episode fell a little flat. On the one hand, we had a convincing villain. On the other, we had characters going MIA and various teases about deceased characters from The Originals. It should have been better.

3. Best Hope Moment - Hope Sacrifices Her Existence to Save Everyone

Best Hope Moment - Hope Sacrifices Her Existence to Save Everyone
Hope's very existence was the topic of many debates. Her mother was a werewolf, her father was a hybrid.

Hope felt alone in the world for so long after her parents died, and she decided to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her newfound friends and boyfriend.

Jumping into Malivore made everyone in the world forget Hope's existence. Hope realized that she was created as a loophole and that all those years she spent feeling like an abomination were for nothing. Danielle Rose Russell's stellar acting helped elevate this scene to one of the best in the franchise.

4. Best Return - Jo's Short-Term Rise from the Dead

Best Return - Jo's Short-Term Rise from the Dead
Jo's storyline was cut short on The Vampire Diaries thanks to Kai killing her on her wedding day. She left behind her husband, Alaric, and her beautiful twins Josie and Lizzie. Bringing Jo back as one of the creatures was a genius plot development. It brought a lot of angst with it, and allowed Jo's family to get a gift they never thought they would get: A goodbye on their own terms.

5. Worst Return - Jeremy Gilbert

Worst Return - Jeremy Gilbert
Fans were ecstatic to learn that Steven R. McQueen would be stopping by as Jeremy Gilbert. His sole episode, however, left fans with a bad taste because his scenes were set away from the school. It would have been better to have him show up at the school, and to offer fans some updates on his life.

6. Favorite Scene Stealer - Pedro

Favorite Scene Stealer - Pedro
Pedro did not have a big presence on Legacies Season 1, but he said what viewers were thinking in the scenes he was part of.

7. Best Team - Lizzie, Hope, and Josie

Best Team - Lizzie, Hope, and Josie
Even though they all had their differences. The best team-ups happened when these three worked together to use magic to vanquish enemies.

8. Character Who Needs to Return ASAP - Emma Tig

Character Who Needs to Return ASAP - Emma Tig
Emma found herself in a love triangle with Alaric and Dorian. Her presence at the school, however, was a good one. Away from the relationship, she helped the students deal with trauma and was very good at her job. Karen David has joined Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 as a series regular, but it would be great if she could return for a handful of episodes of Legacies Season 2. The fans demand it!

9. Best 'Ship - Hosie

Best 'Ship - Hosie
Hope and Josie spent a lot of Legacies Season 1 at odds, but we did learn in the final batch of episodes that Josie was responsible for starting a fire at the school. Her aim was to destroy a letter she sent to Hope, confirming her feelings for her. It's unclear whether a relationship could ever come of it, but there was a connection between them for sure.

10. Worst 'Ship - Hael/Rope

Worst 'Ship - Hael/Rope
I don't even know what to call Rafael and Hope for a 'Ship name, but they were terrible. There were hints peppered throughout Legacies Season 1 that a pairing between them could be on the horizon. There was a lack of chemistry between Danielle Rose Russell and Peyton Alex Smith, and I would never be able to take them seriously as a couple.

11. Favorite Recurring Character - Kaleb

Favorite Recurring Character - Kaleb
Kaleb started the season off by not following the rules by feeding on Mystic Falls High students. Along the way, he started to realize the error of his ways and managed to help Alaric realize that he and his fellow students needed to be taught to defend themselves.

12. Overall Grade

Overall Grade
B. Legacies Season 1 was solid. It had solid acting, characters, and worthwhile storylines. It was very reminiscent of the early years of The Vampire Diaries.

13. Hopes for the Future

Hopes for the Future
The show needs to continue with a similar villain format for it to succeed. The show would benefit from some other characters from the other shows stopping by for an episode or two. Most importantly, relationships need to be fleshed out. The Vampire Diaries ultimately suffered from the love triangle going on for too long. It seems that Julie Plec has learned from her mistakes thus far, but it could all fall off the rails.

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