Manifest Season Finale Unmasked: Who Got Shot?

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Let's go back, back to the beginning of Manifest Season 1.

And in this case, the beginning is sunny and carefree Jamaica.

I've always wondered when we would dive into their time on the island, but sadly, it didn't reveal much. 

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If you were tuning into the season finale of Manifest for all the answers about the Flight 828 mystery, you may have assumed the episode fell short.

However, the bigger picture is finally starting to come together, and although it may be hazy, there were some major reveals that will carry us into Manifest Season 2. 

The reveals along with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger set the stage for the next chapter. If you need more evidence, watch Manifest online to find it! 

Let's deconstruct, shall we?

1. Stop Him

Stop Him
Mic, Saanvi, Ben and Zeke all heard the same calling ordering them to "stop him," which they all assumed pertained to James Griffin. But after James expired, the only one hearing the calling was Mic. The calling could pertain to either Jared or Zeke, however, it's not looking good for either man. And it seems Mic was too late!

2. Who Got Shot?

Who Got Shot?
A gun went off in the final moments of Manifest as Jared and Zeke tussled with each other in Mic's apartment. Who shot who? We'll have to wait until next season to find out, but either way, Mic isn't going to be happy about it. These are two men she trusted above anyone else and this is how they repay her? I can't even fault Zeke on this one because he was simply defending himself from Jared.

3. Someone STOP Jared

Someone STOP Jared
Which brings me to Jared ... Jesus, Jared, please get it together. Jared went from being a likable character, despite being married and pursuing his ex, to being an obsessive and controlling dude who just cannot get a hint. There were so many moments where I just wanted to enter my TV and shake some sense into Jared. He just couldn't help himself. How many times does Mic have to say that it isn't about their relationship, that this is bigger than them and that nothing is going on? He was basically asking to get shot in the end, and yes, I definitely think Jared is the one who was injured.

4. Zeke and Mic?

Zeke and Mic?
Mic has adamantly denied any romantic feelings for Zeke, but that hug would indicate otherwise. Though it seemed to have caught them both off-guard, I got a sense that they both sort of liked it. I don't know how I feel about that. I was always #TeamJared, but now that he's been acting a fool, I'm kind of just #TeamMichaela. She doesn't need a man! And she has so much on her plate, she definitely doesn't need a love triangle interfering with everything. I also really enjoy her platonic relationship with Zeke -- they are connected in a way that no one else understands, she makes him be a better person, and he's there for her. There's really no reason to make things romantic!

5. That's a Lot of Water

That's a Lot of Water
James Griffin wasn't as useless as we previously believed. Griffin planned on abusing the callings for his own personal gain, more specifically fame and fortune. However, just when he was about to go and expose the callings to the world, he ended up coughing up more water than his body mass and drowning to death on dry land. Yeah, that CGI was really fun to watch. Can't say he didn't have it coming. Mostly everyone chalked it up to dear old "karma," but Ben realized it was way more than that. Griffin's time of death was 82 hours and 8 minutes after his miracle resurrection. I'll let that sink in.

6. Expiration Date

Expiration Date
The amount of time Griffin was "dead" is the same amount of time he was alive again. Basically, all of these miracle returnees are living on borrowed time. Zeke has less than a year left in him -- which is why I think Jared is the one that was shot in the cliffhanger -- while the Stone's have until June 2, 2024. This also explains Cal's eerie gravestone drawings with the names of Mic, Ben, and Cal on it.

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Michaela: I am still the same screw-up you said goodbye to in Jamaica.
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