Manifest Series Finale Deleted Scene Reveals What Happened to Captain Daly

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The death date arrived on Manifest Season 4 Episode 20, but the Netflix hit left one character's fate up in the air.

Yes, we're talking about Captain Daly (Frank Deal).

Thankfully, Netflix's Tudum unveiled never-before-seen footage, which clears up that mystery grisly.

Captain Daly on Season 4 - Manifest

While many characters, including Angelina, turned to ash before the remaining survivors went through The Glow to get another chance, Captain Daly was last seen when he was killed off earlier in the season.

The exciting scene picked up after the passengers left the plane for the final time in 2013.

Vance Pleads - Manifest Season 4 Episode 16

Vance was shown in the Manifest series finale to be rushing onto the plane after everyone left to investigate the 11 missing passengers.

Thanks to the deleted scene, we know what happened, and it's exactly what you expected -- we think.

As Vance and his fellow agents arrive on the plane, they find Captain Daly in a small area of the aircraft.

That's where the good news ends, though, as the one-time captain turns to ash when the agents locate him.

Michaela's Effort - Manifest Season 4 Episode 20

It certainly begs the question of where things could go in a potential Manifest spinoff.

The central theme of the Manifest is redemption, and thanks to Daly's actions, he failed his judgment and didn't get to begin again.

Despite his attempts to do better in his final moments before Angelina posed as his son to get him killed, it seems the person doling out the judgment didn't think he had redeemed himself.

If the Manifest spinoff buzz does lead to something, we should probably expect some clarity on what happened to the fearless captain and people like Angelina after they turned to ash.

That Sibling Bond - Manifest Season 4 Episode 20

While the finale had plenty of closure, there was undoubtedly more to be done with these characters, especially as most of them got to begin again, complete with the knowledge of what happened after their time on Flight 828.

We're just happy the show returned and gave us an ending because it was a rough few months after NBC canceled Manifest.

What are your thoughts on the scene? Do you think it was right to remove it from the finale of Manifest Season 4?

Hit the comments.

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