Married At First Sight: 19 WTF Moments From the Season Premiere

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One of Lifetime's biggest guilty pleasures premiered its ninth season on Wednesday night, and it was as crazy as ever. 

Married at First Sight is a wacky, unusual social experiment if anything else which has complete strangers marrying one another at the altar and spending the next eight weeks determining if they will stay married or not. 

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This season we have a new expert, some unusual pairings, a virgin, an insanely tall basketball player, a woman who hasn't dated anyone in a decade, and an odd father/daughter dynamic. 

In other words, we're in for a drama-induced season. 

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Check out our slideshow below of 19 moments that made us go "WTF?!" 

Hit the comments with your thoughts! 

1. A New Expert

A New Expert
Hello, Dr. Vivian Coles, our new relationship and sex expert. It's nice to meet you, but also, who the hell are you? Fingers crossed that this expert doesn't end up dating one of the contestants herself. Shade? What shade?

2. Mr. Picky

Mr. Picky
The reason they extended the premiere is that Jaime took 35 minutes explaining to everyone what his idea is of the perfect woman. Something tells us his impossibly high expectations won't be met. Sheesh!

3. Wait ... a Virgin?!

Wait ... a Virgin?!
Let the record show that there is nothing wrong with a person waiting to get married before they have sex. There will be no virgin shaming here. However, it's a risky choice casting a virgin for a show like this where they are expected to marry a complete stranger.

Intimacy and sex are one of the biggest issues the couples on this series has faced over the years, and I don't know if either person is emotionally prepared for that particular issue on top of the usual issues on this series and all of it taking place in front of America. Is Keith prepared to instantly marry a virgin? Is Iris prepared to lose her virginity to a man she barely knows whether they're technically married or not? Whoo boy!

4. Elizabeth's Parents are TOO Happy to Pawn Her Off

Elizabeth's Parents are TOO Happy to Pawn Her Off
Elizabeth's parents were surprised by her decision to get married to a stranger at first sight, but then they were unusually excited about getting to pawn her off on someone new because their daughter is "a lot to handle." Um, thanks, mom and dad.

5. Millennial Problems

Millennial Problems
Keith's family was not enthused about him announcing he was getting married to a complete stranger on national television. More concerning was the fact that the family or Keith had never met the other party. They thought it was a new Millennial dating thing happening. They blame everything on millennials, don't they?

6. Matt's Suit

Matt's Suit
Not to knock anyone else's fashion sense, but who decided that all the guys would wear blue suits at their weddings, and why the hell did Matt choose this bright blue, ill-fitting suit with this red tie? He looked like he was about to join a Quartet.

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