NCIS Photos from "The Admiral's Daughter"

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Check out these photos from NCIS Season 11 Episode 23.

They represent our first look at "The Admiral's Daughter."

1. Tony in Paris

Tony in Paris
Tony heads to Paris to bring home "The Admiral's Daughter" on NCIS. This is the 23rd episode of the show's 11th season.

2. Walking in Paris

Walking in Paris
When Director Vance asked Tony to head to Paris, he probably thought this case would be more like a vacation. Unfortunately for him it will be anything but fun in the sun.

3. An Unexpected Turn

An Unexpected Turn
Things take an unexpected turn when Tony heads to Paris to make sure an Admiral's daughter gets back to the States.

4. He's Smiling Now

He's Smiling Now
Tony might be smiling now but we hear things get very strange on his trip to Paris as nothing is what it seems on NCIS

5. Gibbs Smiling

Gibbs Smiling
Wow, is that Agent Gibbs smiling? What has him looking so happy at a crime scene?

6. Wearing the HazMat Suit

Wearing the HazMat Suit
Is Bishop stuck wearing the hazmat suit because she's the probie? We're sure that Tim didn't want to do it.

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