NCIS Season 13 Report Card

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Tony left NCIS  (and us); Gibbs got a new haircut, as well as a new mental health therapist; Abby took down a gang of criminals and Ducky used three suspects to perform an autopsy for him.

A lot happened on NCIS Season 13, and we're here now to break it down and examine some of the more outstanding episodes of the year.

No matter which way you look at it, NCIS will never be the same.

Check out our slideshow and then give us your grade for the year.


1. Best Episode

Best Episode
The very first episode of the season qualifies. It featured Gibbs going under the capable knife of Dr. Taft after being shot at the end of Season 12. We got to see Tony truly shine when he confronted Daniel Budd. He brooked no nonsense and went so far as to shoot him in the knee in order to get some answers. This was brutally serious agent we've always known him to be, utterly protective of those he loves, and full of anger at the violence done to Gibbs.

2. Most Heartbreaking Episode

Most Heartbreaking Episode
This is the one we've both been looking for, and dreaded all season. The one where Tony leaves. This episode not only signaled his retirement from NCIS, but also served to kill Ziva (and the Tiva dynamic) for good. It also introduced us to the one compelling impetus that could *ever* make him want to give up being an NCIS agent: the daughter he never knew he had. Tali was Ziva's last gem in his life, the only one who changed everything for him. As he put it: "I've never been anybody's everything before."

3. Worst Episode

Worst Episode
This dubious honor goes to NCIS Season 13 Episode 13, for it's yawn-inducing predictable plot. The case, involving a human trafficking ring, introduced us to the bad guy right at the start - and we knew he was bad. Everything went downhill from there, and included a ridiculous subplot featuring Bishop writing a letter to the President. As episodes go, it wasn't bad. It just wasn't up to the higher standards of writing we've grown to expect from this great series.

4. Human Scum Award

Human Scum Award
This one goes to Jake who not only cheated on Bishop, but made her believe his absences were work related. Here she was, worried about him getting blown up in an explosion, only to find out the only reason he wasn't, was that he was on his way to see his girlfriend. It came as a shock to Ellie (and to us!). It's been a long time since we were that disgusted with a cast member. This all happened on NCIS Season 13 Episode 9.

5. Most Heartwarming Episode

Most Heartwarming Episode
The nod for this one goes to NCIS Season 13 Episode 11, where we got to meet Ducky's brother Nicholas. For much of the episode we were sure Nicholas had died long ago, only to be surprised at discovering he was living in an assisted care centre, due to his Alzheimer's condition. The moment that brought tears to our eyes was the head scritch and nose boop between the brothers - the one routine that brought a smile of recognition to Nicholas' face.

6. Awkward Reconcilation Award

Awkward Reconcilation Award
On NCIS Season 13 Episode 8, Tony's old flame Jeanne Benoit showed up, with hubby in tow. Clearly there were some raw feelings still going on between them. You got the sense Tony was very relieved when their plane landed and he was able to walk away from her.

7. The Much Ado About Nothing Award

The Much Ado About Nothing Award
For some reason, the team got all talkative about Gibbs' new haircut and wardrobe on NCIS Season 13 Episode 2. This was something that probably irritated him to no end.

8. The Thinking On Your Feet Award

The Thinking On Your Feet Award
This one goes to Abby, who, on NCIS Season 13 Episode 5, not only managed to foil a robbery at a pharma company, but incapacitated the murderous criminals by dosing them all with a chemical agent that she devised on the fly. She ended up unconcious as well, and only learned of her success when the rest of the team finally came to her rescue.

9. The Most Entertaining Predator Award

The Most Entertaining Predator Award
NCIS Season 13 Episode 7 introduced us to a delightful character by the name of Judith McKnight (played by Jessica Walter). She was anything but subtle with her never-ending romantic hints to Gibbs. We laughed out loud when she asked him about his basement and inquired as to whether it was his "naughty room." She followed that up with "want to know my safe word?"

10. The Rule 28 Award

The Rule 28 Award
Gibbs has to be one of the most stand-offish guys on the team; a man who never asks for help for himself. Clearly he has needed to, as he a lot of unresolved emotional issues. Taft recognized this, and for that reason set him up with Dr. Grace Confalone so he could get some much needed therapy. The way she introduced herself to him (on NCIS Season Season 13 Episode 16) was hilarious. We're looking forward to seeing more of her next season.

11. The Where There's A Will There's A Way Award

The Where There's A Will There's A Way Award
When a body shows up in a decompression chamber and Ducky can't get to it, he convinced three suspects to do his work for him. This was the weirdest autopsy ever, and the three weren't happy to do it at all. This happened on NCIS Season 13 Episode 14. We gave NCIS Season 13 a grade of A. What would you give it?

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